"Zero investment" to achieve smart street lighting

Kaihua County, a cluster of LED smart lighting, sketching the beautiful lines of the city. Recently, Kaihua County, "zero investment" completed the acceptance of energy-saving street lamps, 2994 old traditional high-pressure sodium lamp replaced LED lights, and install intelligent control device, "smart city street lamp management system" covers the county seat.

In order to establish a resource-saving society, our province is actively promoting energy saving and emission reduction in the public domain. It is estimated that the city's public lighting power consumption is huge, accounting for about 30% of lighting power consumption, the total generating capacity of 10% to 12%. At the same time, in the urban lighting design, the awareness of energy conservation is relatively weak, the management and control methods are relatively backward, the cost of manual inspection is high, and the advanced and effective intelligent street lamp control system is lacking.

Kaihua County government actively explore smart city management, building a set of "smart city street lamp management system based on big data, cloud platform." The original can only switch in the control room lights a whole road, and now through the mobile phone, tablet remote control of each LED lights on and off, the real lighting information, economy, security, intelligence. This change will not only make the night more liberal, but also save 65% of urban lighting energy consumption. It is estimated that 2994 lights can save 1.78 million kilowatt-hours per year, reducing 1775 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, saving 719 tons of standard coal, and realizing an indirect emission reduction profit of 1.58 million yuan.

Even more surprising is that such a large-scale urban lighting system transformation, Kaihua County government actually "no penny out." The key of Kaihua lies in Contractual Energy Management, a new type of market-oriented energy-saving mechanism. The renovation project by Zhejiang Danyun Energy Technology Co., Ltd. construction. Through the "contract energy management" model, the Kaihua County government will have to pay the cost of urban lighting to the cloud energy, by the cloud energy is responsible for providing energy audits, feasibility studies, project design, equipment and materials procurement, transformation of the system Operation, maintenance and management of the whole life cycle of services, the two sides during the contract to share energy efficiency advantages, after the end of the contract equipment and energy efficiency of all open all the time.

This is a brand new win-win model, won all parties "praise." Kaihua County government to zero investment, zero risk, high efficiency, launched energy-saving projects, no financial pressure. In addition, the maintenance of lighting to the cloud after saving energy, but also reduce government maintenance costs, extend equipment life, improve energy management level. The future, these poles can also integrate video surveillance and other information applications, become the city of all things "gateway." It is told that the wisdom of this city lighting, "Kaihua mode", but also in Anji, Huzhou and other places.

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