Yinchuan 126,000 street lights with the "strongest brain"

As of the end of 2017, there were 126,407 kinds of street lamps in Yinchuan, with a total power of 14913.76 kilowatts and a total length of 1031.15 kilometers.

What is the concept of such a set of data? To put it simply, 14913.76 kilowatts is equivalent to the power produced by 150 passenger cars at maximum power at the same time, with 1031.15 kilometers approaching Yinchuan to Beijing. To manage so many street lights and cables is not easy, but with three upgrades of the streetlight management system, from the initial manual to upgrade to the current full digital control, Yinchuan "smart city" to promote, making street management more and more The more relaxed.

In the past, inspection took at least 2 hours

Tian Li Yinchuan City Street Lighting Management Office of the "elderly", from the 1980s into the street lighting management office, he can be said to witness the history of Yinchuan street control. Tian Li memories, just work, Yinchuan street control manually or by manual section to open, and later the old city and the Metro, the new urban street lights through the parallel and series to achieve centralized control, with the most primitive clock timing system, Achieved automatically open. However, because there is no monitoring equipment feedback, the lights can not be turned on after the switch is turned on and need to reconfirm staff. "Although there were only a few thousand street lamps at the time, it was only a matter of two hours for a trip to inspect the lamps visually by inspectors." Tian Li said at the time that searching for a lamp was the hardest job and that the cold and hot weather could not be interrupted. Working time is mostly consumed on the road.

Street lights and more lines, less manpower is the biggest difficulties facing the street management, street lights to ensure adequate maintenance of power, only through technological innovation to reduce the input of inspectors. With the rapid development of urban construction in Yinchuan City, the control difficulty has been further increased from the several thousand street lamps in the 1980s to the present more than 120,000 lights. Obviously it is impossible to rely on manual inspections. In 2000, Yinchuan City introduced a centralized digital control system for street lights. "Now centralized management of street lights, artificial parade this work has become history, staff can simply determine the street through the electronic screen is working properly." Yinchuan City Street Lighting Management Office, said Chen Jie, deputy director, and now the lights Managers will focus more on street maintenance and maintenance.

Now, intelligent control can sense sunrise and sunset

The digital control system replaced the manual management. In the past, the way of controlling the turn-on time of the street lamp by using time was apparently already outdated. The intelligent control system matched the time of day with the time-trial school and automatically got the accurate sunrise and sunset time. After sunset, the street light will be automatically turned on. After sunrise, the street light will be extinguished automatically. The intelligent road will not only save energy and save electricity, but also illuminate the streets automatically before dark.

Currently, the city's street lamps totaled 126,407, of which 46034 were sodium lamp, 62,118 energy-saving lamps, 11,613 LED lamps, 6642 lamp units and 63.6% green lighting. Tian Li told that, Yinchuan City street lamp energy efficiency has been very high. Some people do not understand why street lamps are not all replaced by the most energy-efficient LED light source. This is because different light sources have advantages and disadvantages and should be used in combination. "For example, sodium lamps are not as efficient as LED light sources, but the irradiation range is wider and suitable for main roads Broad roads, LED lighting is relatively small, only for small street lighting.

Chen Jie said that more than a decade ago, Yinchuan realized the intelligent control of street lamps. In the future, with the continuous promotion of the smart city construction in Yinchuan, the intelligent control system and the smart street lamp will make the city night more colorful and bright.

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