Yigang Technology successfully got into the 2nd of Science and Innovation Cup contest rematch

On July 11,2017 Guangzhou Yigang Eco-Technology Co., Ltd participated in the second Yangcheng "Science and Innovation Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and fortunate enough to enter the new energy and energy saving industry rematch sectors.A total of 96 enterprises engaged in new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection industries participated in this round of the semi-finals.Participants demonstrated the company's style and highlights with 15 minutes(7 minutes self-statement and 8 minutes defense).

Yu Bing, general manager of the company as Yigang Technology, came to platform for a wonderful speech.He first introduced the company basic profile, business team, corporate culture and financial status. Afterwards,he introduced the products, operation methods, strategic goals and operation mode of investment capital about "Remote Wisdom City Solar Street Lighting Project". The field financial experts and technical judges made wonderful comments on this project and gave a fair Development advice.

This time, Yigang Technology successfully entered the quarter-finals with the project of "Remote Wisdom City Solar Street Lighting Project", indicating a new direction for the development of urban lighting construction. The concept of "solar street light project" has been gradually applied to the application stage. The frontier, firmly grasp the new opportunities for urban development, the company will bring a higher level of leap.

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