Xu Jianbing, general manager of Jabil Technology: Crack the installation process pain points of smart street light

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Province, the Commission by the guidance of the letter, Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission, supported by Hangzhou Economic Commission, the National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance (CSA) and Zhejiang Solid State Lighting Industry Association co-sponsored, CSA Should be recommended by the Road Lighting Working Group, Intelligent Lighting Work Committee, Urban Landscape Lighting Working Group, LED Industry Association of Hangzhou contractors, the new joint network project, Maple Sun Ming, the strings of Things, Shanghai think twice, crystal day lighting, caused The theme of "CREATE ENERGY, ACCESS Power, Fangdazhi Control, Jibu Technology, Suzhou Nuoxi, Infotech Electronics co-sponsors the seminar on the application and promotion of LED lighting in China Road lighting landscape in Hangzhou Huashaoshan grand.

Xu Jibing, general manager of Hangzhou Jibu Technology Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and made a keynote speech entitled "Analysis of Pain Points in the Installation of Smart Street Lights".

Xu Jianbing, general manager, said Hangzhou Jibu Technology Co., Ltd. is Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics to set up high-tech companies, mainly focused on the field of intelligent lighting. The backbone of the company, including Zhejiang University, Zhongshan University and other well-known domestic university graduate master, doctorate, follow the innovation of more than the purpose! The company defined the development of fully independent intellectual property rights of signal processing and radio frequency communication chips, the application of proprietary chip development lighting control system. Mainly engaged in the business is to do the overall solution of intelligent lighting, including indoor and outdoor solutions, and strive to provide customers the most competitive system solutions.

He said Jabu street lighting control system solutions, fully independent research and development, high cost, integrated communications power supply design, cost compared with peer solutions with price advantage. At the same time, the installation site without on-site registration of paper articles, brokers and end-users free configuration. No manual matching to install lighting and platform information. Maintenance replacement process is simple. A variety of sensors free expansion, real-time sensor triggering response. And, the system uses a variety of platform management, Aliyun platform access, customer self-built server, without the server, the phone can be directly connected to set.

Xu Jianbing said: "At present, the company mainly makes intelligent lighting solutions, one is solutions for street lighting and solutions for indoor lighting, including communication modules, single-lamp controllers and back-end platform software all independently developed by Jabil. "Because we have a strong technology research and development capabilities, the latter will also develop their own integrated control chip, to achieve the core control program module. Including indoor intelligent lighting control system, we use a wired and wireless control scheme, all the chips and communication protocols are our own definition and development. "

On the street lighting control system installation process pain points, Xu Jianbing bluntly: "Now regardless of which program, in the installation process, customers in the process of using other systems have encountered some problems in the installation process, install a single lamp Controller, regardless of the program, the installation process need to register the actual address of the single lamp controller, you want the installer to fill in the article one by one, in accordance with the order to install, in fact, this is a very large installation workers The job is prone to error.

Before the installation of these single-lamp controller address some like POC is set by other means, for the installation of project providers, program providers, the entire process is a very cumbersome process, so now regardless of which program provider in the sale of the program While providing a single light controller to provide the operating platform at the same time, will be charged with the end customer on-site installation and commissioning costs, about 15%, which is an invisible cost to the end customer.

Jabu technology is now adopted by the program dual-interface RFID transmission, in advance or at the installation site through the terminal handheld devices can be on-site information with the single light controller inside the core information will be matched, so that the installation is completed After that, this single-lamp controller can send all the information to the platform through the network, and we have less registration steps at the installation site.

In addition, after the installation is completed to go to the platform to claim your device, the process of claiming is a very tedious process. Jabu Technology is now able to implement a registration without registration at the installation site, and all devices on the platform automatically recognize the automatic match and automatically find the belonging.

Besides, the replacement process, in fact, no matter what kind of program we use, after installation is always faced with the process of replacing the repair, the single-lamp controller is bad, many companies are not considered this matter, or that the replacement process is very, very Tedious, to send professionals to help them solve this problem. "We are now using a unique professional solution can be achieved after the single-lamp controller  is broken, the customer takes one other single-lamp controller and can replace it with a very simple device, instead of the original one That requires the supplier to provide him with a new one, give him a good configuration, and then replace it, even to the platform side to go. "Xu Jianbing said.

Article from China Semiconductor Lighting Network

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