What is the trend of the LED lighting industry in 2017?

Due to the large market space in China's lighting industry, the access threshold for low-end products is relatively low. In particular, the influx of a large amount of social capital after the rise of LED lighting has led to the formation of a competitive landscape with relatively low industry concentration and fierce market competition .


Among them, the international first-line brands represented by Osram and General Electric, as well as the domestic first-line brands represented by NVC lighting and Op lighting, have relied on their long-term brand advantages, extensive sales network, strong technology R & D strength and strict and stable product quality, occupy the high-end market. In many small and medium-sized lighting manufacturing enterprises, their products have relatively low technology maturity and quality stability, relatively low value-added products and more serious product homogeneity. Price competition is the main means to participate in the low-end market competition.


At the same time, in the emerging LED lighting market, with strong support from government policies, the entire LED lighting shows a rapid development trend. In addition to the traditional lighting enterprises using their competitive advantages in the lighting industry into the LED lighting market, but also facing the LED upstream and downstream industries Enterprises using their chain of LED chips, packaging and application of technology and production advantages gradually extended to lighting products competition.


Relevant data analysis, the global scope, LED industry chain in all aspects of the number of enterprises were pyramid-type distribution. In 2016, the global LED industry market reached 699.6 billion yuan, an increase of 8.6% over 2015, the lowest increase in four years and is expected to continue to decline in the next few years. However, the overall upward trend remains unchanged. Steady expansion of China's LED industry, the industry structure is increasingly obvious differentiation.


At the beginning of this year, this newspaper also conducted a forecast for the LED industry: the downstream market to expand, LED prices rise. Affected by the macroeconomic, LED industry as a whole is relatively optimistic, downstream demand will also carry greater industry pressure. In addition to cope with product homogeneity, it is also faced with a wave of overall price hikes in upstream industries. Accelerate the concentration of upstream, production capacity increase so that demand into a steady state of growth. Therefore, if the industry starts to pick up, the first obvious prohit must be the upstream enterprises, which in turn will bring about the development of downstream industries.


Listed companies have seen the first quarter of the red is not accidental


As the prospects for the industry are promising in early 2017, the LED industry is entering a state of rapid recovery: according to the first quarterly journalists of major LED-listed companies, LED-related listed companies that belong to the same A-share are generally successful in the first quarter of this year Good. Nearly Jiucheng corporate performance net profit growth, more than three percent of the business is more than doubled profits. For instance, Qicha Photoelectric's net profit for the first quarter of 2017 increased 7598.90% YoY.


In fact, we can see some commonalities in the performance analysis of several listed companies with the highest growth. According to such a staggering growth rate of dry Photoelectric won a net profit of 41.57 million yuan. And dry according to optoelectronics, said the profits increased significantly to profit from the business for the blue-green light project put into operation in the production process to improve and yield improvement has made remarkable results; chip and wafer production has also been improved .


In the first quarter net profit of 80.78 million yuan Hua Can photoelectric that part of the company put into operation additional production capacity and technological upgrading of equipment efficiency, so that the chip sales have been significantly improved; and the newly merged Sapphire business module has also been further enhanced The overall level of corporate income.


The same alarming increase in net profit Chau Ming Technology said not only to continue to upgrade and optimize the product technology, but also for the second quarter of the growth performance is very confident. It is not hard to see that it is no coincidence that these enterprises can usher in such a huge growth rate; on the contrary, they show great contributions. Improving production capacity through research and development can not only bring profits to its own potential business, but also promote the development of existing projects and expand profit margins.


Capital markets have become LED lighting enterprises contested


LED listed companies can successfully produce more profits through effective technology research and development, and ultimately contribute to the capital markets where they are located. China's LED industry has been from the beginning of technology research and development, policy support and market-driven shift to capital-driven. More and more enterprises have been riding on the capital express train to achieve leapfrog development. As this year's new market Sanxiong Aurora, also performed well in the first quarter, net profit of 22.21 million yuan, an increase of 35%. And in order to continue to maintain profit growth, Sanxiong Aurora said it will continue to increase R & D investment on the one hand, on the other hand push the project construction based on the actual situation.


In the tens of billions of yuan level LED industry pattern, the continued growth of listed companies financing seems to have become a visible development. For the growing LED companies, the listing may be a benign "ripening agent." According to the latest news, LED lighting companies such as Poly Can Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and China Lighting Co., Ltd. will also pass the audit of the CSRC and will be listed on the stock exchange within the year.


Smart street light Still to be seen


As for the intelligent trend that all walks of life have been concerned about, it is possible to enter the "bottleneck" of development, as well as intelligent lighting and smart street light. Although last year's giant giants in the field of influx of intelligent lighting across the border, but in the final analysis LED industry is back to the quality of the development of the road, it is inevitable that many of the technical factors due to immature technology restrictions.


Due to the low threshold of LED technology, enterprises can easily enter the market, leading to LED lighting industry in a low-cost, low-profit era, so to find a new breakthrough has become the LED business priority. At the national level, for a long time, intelligent lighting has long been an area where national industrial policies and energy policies encourage development. Technically speaking, LEDs are easier to adjust the brightness, color temperature and color of light due to the optoelectrical characteristics of LEDs. Therefore, intelligent lighting Only possible in the LED; from the consumer's point of view, the human intelligent lighting is the pursuit of consumer service upgrades inevitable; from the perspective of market space, the smart street light market is a blue ocean, with innovative technologies and understanding of the Internet A more competitive model for growth companies is a good time to roll out low quality products and get lighting back home.


From Huawei signed a cooperation agreement to the millet and lighting companies signed a joint statement that jointly promote the development of intelligent lighting industry, including intelligent street light is one of the most important part. In recent years, Haier, ZTE, Jingdong, Baidu, Ali, Meizu lights in all areas of the giants are beginning to flood into the smart lighting market, because nowadays intelligent lighting is no longer the traditional lighting industry thing, but blend of communication technology, control technology, IT technology and other emerging areas of technology. Many well-known enterprises to cross-border joint into the smart lighting market, the reason, because only into the black technology intelligent lighting system in order to achieve the entire indoor space of all lighting control of human nature, for example, to achieve automatic adjustment, voice control, Scene lighting and other functions. In addition, the number of lighting equipment and distribution of outstanding, have the advantage of access to big data day to lay the foundation for more high value-added home services. From unmanned to VR / AR, the intelligent era has virtually entered our life, the future will usher in a smart subversion, the construction of intelligent lighting system will add new luster to the field of intelligent lighting.

Article from China Semiconductor Lighting Network

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