Warmly celebrate our company won the State "Intellectual Property Management System Certification"

Warmly celebrate Guangzhou Yigang Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yigang Technology") on October 26, 2107 successfully won the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification" (Certificate Number: 18117IP1582ROS).

On October 13, 2017, the expert group of Zhonggui  (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. came our company to conduct the certification audit on the operation of our intellectual property system. The expert group reviewed the related intellectual property processes and activities of the company's R & D, management and business departments by referring to system operation records, on-site observation and face to face interviews. Under the patient guidance of the audit team, our company made corresponding improvements to the management system according to the professional requirements of them.The audit team fully affirmed the efforts and achievements made by our company in continuing to implement the "Management Standards of Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights", raising awareness of intellectual property rights and optimizing resource allocation, etc. Finally we have successfully passed the certification.

The successful adoption of this standard marks that our company has fully entered the leading domestic level in the creation, application, management and protection of intellectual property compared with other led lighting manufacturers.

The "Management Standards of Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights" drafted by the State Intellectual Property Office (GB / T 29490-2013) came into effect on March 1, 2013. This is the first national intellectual property management standard in our country. Its core thrust is to improve the management capability of intellectual property, guide the establishment of a scientific, systematic and standardized management system of intellectual property, help enterprises fully implement the strategy of intellectual property, actively respond to the competition in intellectual property, effectively raise the level of intellectual property rights to the economic development of enterprises. "Yigang Technology" followed the pace of the country and started the intellectual property standardization work in 2017.We establish and implement programmatic, standardized and systematic Intellectual Property Management System through the continuous improvement of core product development, procurement, production, sales and other aspects of intellectual property management practices and the construction of workflow.

Up to now, "Yigang Technology" has 6 utility model patents , 1 trademark. In order to achieve an annual growth rate of more than 10%, we will apply for 4 new utility model patents, 1 appearance patent, 2 trademarks and 1 copyright in the second half of 2017, actively expand the ownership of patents and trademarks, enhance autonomy brand influence, strive to build a business into a strong sense of intellectual property rights, full of creative vitality, significant efficiency of industrialization, rights protection measures effective and professionals complete innovative enterprises.

In order to encourage the enterprises in our province to carry out the standard of intellectual property, Intellectual Property Office in Guangdong Province granted subsidies to Guangdong enterprises which have passed the certification of national standard of "Management Standards of Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights" every year. The subsidy standards are: 50,000 RMB in Guangdong province; 100,000 RMB in Guangzhou city;100,000 RMB Development Zone/Huangpu District;total of 250,000 RMB.

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