The night in Hangzhou will be brighter in the future. The 60 roads will be brightened as a whole.

During the past few days, in the fast-moving Hangzhou Shuguang Road, Stadium Road, Baoji Road, it was seen from time to time that the elevated vehicle was carrying workers in the branches. Yesterday, the journalist learned from the street lighting management company of the State Grid Hangzhou Power Supply Company that from this month on, there are nearly 60 roads in the main downtown area of Hangzhou and the roads in the residential areas should be brightened. There will be more than 3,900 lights to be replaced, involving Jianggan District. Shangcheng District, Gongshu District, Xihu District, Xiacheng District, and West Lake Scenic Area.

The three main roads that were first launched this month are Stadium Road, Shuguang Road and Baoji Road.

This is one of the 10 Livelihood Practical Projects of the Hangzhou Municipal Government in 2018. The entire street light  project was jointly launched by the street lamp management office and the Hangzhou Light Supervision Center. In the future, the night of Hangzhou will be brighter.

“Hangzhou greening is getting better and better, and it can be considered as a 'happiness trouble'.” Zhai Huayong, director of the monitoring center of Hangzhou Streetlight Management Office, said that since March 2017, the street lamp management institute has carried out “medical examinations” on the street lights in Hangzhou. .

More than 3,900 street lights to be highlighted this time, how is it set? "A lot of them were made by the people after they were detected on site through the hotline of the 12345 Mayor's Hotline and Street Lamp Management Office."

Of course, street lighting is not as bright as possible. The "Hangzhou City Lighting Management Regulations" that began on February 1 this year clearly stipulates that urban lighting installations should meet the light pollution control standards, do not affect the residents' normal lives, and coordinate with the urban space environment.

The replacement of street lights in cities is not as simple as changing a light bulb in your home. Due to the accuracy of the ascent operation, a group of 1 day generally can only complete the replacement of 4 to 5 lamps. Therefore, a total of more than 70 people were dispatched by the Hangzhou Street Lamp Management Office and were divided into 5 teams to work on site.

“In the past, these street lights were on the branches, and now they fall below the branches.” According to Yan Huayong, after the height of the street lights has dropped, the lighting can directly reach the road with the trimming of the late branches and leaves. If there are large vehicles on some roads and it is inconvenient to reduce the height, then an increase in the installation of a secondary lamp in the low position will be adopted.

The opening hours of Hangzhou street lights are generally 9 hours in summer and 13 hours in winter. According to the summer 9-hour calculation, a high-pressure sodium lamp on the main road will be replaced with LED lights, which will save 1.98 kWh of electricity a night. More than 3,900 street lights, saving electricity use in a year is very impressive. In addition, the LED light source is more dispersed and the human body is more comfortable.

In addition to replacing the street lights and the LED lights, many old lampshades and lamps will also be replaced. For example, in the brightening plan, the number of street light poles that need to be brightened in the West Lake Scenic Spot amounts to 763 pieces. They are concentrated in Quyuan Fenghe, Huagangguanyu, Hangzhou Flower Garden, and North Peak, and most of them are street lights on the waterfront.

There are also some lines involved in the transformation of the line construction. “Tianmushan Road, Stadium Road and other road sections that can often see trams will be led by the Construction Commission and will carry out the transformation of the 'many-one-one' circuit.” Xinhua Yong said that public WiFi signal points could be added to the street lights later.

It is told that the entire brightening project is expected to be completed by the end of September this year.

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