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In September last year, the SLC Pharmaceuticals, which landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, only raised 42 million yuan after it raised 330 million yuan of funds. When the reason is revealed, but attracted netizens praise, direct call dry pretty.

Buy 48 sets of commercial housing for talent room

On the evening of February 1, Sallon Pharmaceutical announced that in order to meet the future development needs of the company, to further enhance the living environment of key employees and core technicians and to increase the attractiveness of high-end talents, the Company invested approximately 42,250,800 yuan to purchase products located in Changsha Changning County, Spring Street, Dingjia Ling Road on the 6th Country Garden collar still home real estate purchase area of 5432.28 square meters, a total of 48 sets.

Inquiries linked to the data learned that the second-hand housing prices in Changsha City at 11,000 / square meters, in the local area to buy a 90 square meters for a family of three living, also need to spend about 1000000.

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Sialon Pharmaceutical prospectus shows that as of June 30, 2017, the company has 408 employees on file. Different levels of employees in the company in recent years, little change in wages, the average annual salary level:

Senior executives in 2014, 2015, 2016 annual salary: 213,000, 262,000, 274,000;

Mid-level managers in 2014, 2015, 2016 annual salary: 98000, 118000, 117000;

Ordinary employees in 2014, 2015, 2016 annual salary: 42,000, 59,000, 61,000.

However, the average annual salary of employees and subsidiaries in Changsha City in 2014, 2015 and 2016 was 78,000, 103,000 and 99,000 respectively. Although working at Sialon Pharmaceuticals, it is not easy to want a house with a total value of 1 million to pay a wage higher than the average wage in Changsha City.

Therefore, the Sai Long medicine hair house, can be described as a great New Year's gift for employees.

A number of subsidiaries to achieve employee stock ownership

Prospectus shows that before the release, the actual controller of Sialon Pharmaceutical Cai Nanui, Tang Lin couples directly hold a total of 75.77% of the shares; according to the issue of 40 million shares of new shares, after the release of Cai Nan Gui, Tang Lin couple actual The proportion of directly holding the company's shares was 56.83%, which is still the actual controller of the company.

Elan medicine on February 1 closing price of 18.86 yuan calculation, Cai Nan Gui, Tang Lin couple stock market value of 1.72 billion yuan.

Cai Naigui also has its own set of talent view, in September last year, he accepted Panorama Network interview, said:

(Attracting Talents) To put it plainly is the same as chasing a girlfriend. You want to make people feel your sincerity. At the same time, you want to depict the future of your business. We are now doing this factory in Yueyang, the first thing we do first is to solve the staff quarters out, we bought an apartment building, factory building, apartment building bought.

Entrepreneur, you must treat your staff first. Moreover, I will do one thing. At the end of the year-end meeting, we sat on the podium and must have bowed 90 degrees to our staff. They must be 90 degrees and they are honest.

This time I did one thing, that is, my staff shareholding is a large number, I hope that employees can enjoy the company's development achievements.

Prospectus shows that Sallon Pharmaceutical has set up four employee equity holding platforms, namely Zhuhai Hengqin New District Sai Long Ju Zhi Investment Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Hengqin New District Saijikang Investment Center (Limited Partnership), Zhuhai Hengqin New District Match Bardon Investment Center (limited partnership), Zhuhai Hengqin New District Cypriot Investment Center (Limited Partnership). From factory managers, boilers to management have shareholdings, covering production, research and development, back-office management of the various lines.

Sai Long Ju Zhi Investment Co., Ltd. employee shares (part)

Commissioned mode of production there are hidden dangers

The employees who work in Salong Pharmaceutical really feel the development of the company in recent years. Prospectus shows that the company from January to June 2017 to January-June operating income were:

22134 ten thousand yuan, 178.09 million yuan, 237.49 million yuan, 255.83 million yuan, 143 million yuan;

the retained profits belong to the parent company's owner:

45.87 million yuan, 28.19 million yuan, 63.31 million yuan, 61.24 million yuan and 32.53 million yuan.

Sialon Pharmaceutical's gross profit margin for 2013 to 2017 was 59.67%, 55.76%, 56.86%, 54.97% and 63.72% respectively. Such a high gross margin, but also because the Sialon Pharmaceutical is commissioned by the production model, that is, "Drug R & D institutions as a holder, commissioned by other production enterprises." This model in the country advanced 15 years.

For example, the two core products of Sialon are monosialotetrahexosyl ganglioside sodium injection (hereinafter referred to as "GM1 injection") and brain protein hydrolyzate for injection. Two major products are in cooperation with other companies in the production model. GM1 injection and injection of brain protein hydrolyzate, respectively, and Southwest Pharmaceutical and Shanxi Pude cooperation in the production of product approval number is also in the hands of both.

For this commissioned mode of production, Sialon Pharmaceutical explained that the third-party cooperation mode effectively avoids investing huge sums of money to build a production line when the company's initial financial strength is not strong enough. But this model has become the focus of the industry's question, mainly due to the possibility of the termination of cooperation between the two sides in the future if the two companies no longer accept the company commissioned, the company will not be able to operate normally.

The prospectus shows that from the end of 2013 to the beginning of 2014, 130601 and 130706 batches of sodium monosialotetraosyl ganglioside sodium injection (hereinafter referred to as GM1 injection) which is mainly distributed by Southwest Pharmaceutical and Sialon Pharmaceutical , In some provinces in the clinical use of adverse reactions.

Influenced by the above events, Sialon Pharmaceutical made an impairment loss of RMB16.43 million in 2013, and scrapped 2.7428 million pieces of affected GM1 injection in this segment in December 2014. Sialon Pharmaceutical did not recourse to Southwest Pharmaceutical, but to take their own risk.

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