Successfully passed the first batch of state-level high-tech certification in Guangdong Province 2017

In recent years, the State Science and Technology Bureau has paid more and more attention to supporting high and new technology enterprises, giving preferential policies in creating taxes for high and new technology enterprises.At the same time,the qualification examination of high and new technology enterprises has also become more and more stringent. Guangzhou Yigang Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yigang Technology") closely follows the pace of the country, forward-looking and take precautions, in order to achieve the company's strategic goal of becoming a national high-tech enterpris.Our company set up a "high-tech enterprises" application team and assign a person responsible for the preparation of information to the declaration. After nearly six months,we undergo a rigorous evaluation and approval process, ultimately through the enterprise application, local preliminary review, expert review, national review and other rigorous procedures.On November 9th,2017 the leading group office of the National Hi-tech Enterprise Accreditation Administration promulgated the Notice on Publicizing the List of the First High-tech Enterprises to be Identified in Guangdong Province 2017, and "Yigang Technology" issued its own intellectual property rights, management of technological innovation organizations, achievements in transformation of capacity, growth indicators and other links with excellent strength becoming the first batch of Guangdong Province in 2017 through the national high-level identified enterprises.With this recognition, marking the innovation of "Yigang Technology" in environmental technology field got full affirmation and recognition from relevant state departments about the technology, management, service level and innovative strength.

With the opportunity of this national-level "high-tech enterprise" recognition, our company will attach greater importance to technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation, relying on high and new technology, standardizing operation and scientific management to enhance the anti-risk capability of enterprises and thereby further enhance market core competitiveness.Let's create brilliant future.

(The evaluation of national high-tech enterprises is one of the top awards of science and technology innovation in China,which is a supporting policy of the state for high-tech enterprises with independent intellectual property rights. The enterprises participating in the assessment need to pass the approval of the Ministry of Science Technology and Finance, State Administration of Taxation and series of assessments from other joint establishment of the accreditation, especially in the core of independent intellectual property rights, scientific and technological achievements transformed ability, research & development and organization & management level, growth indicators, finally approved as a national high-tech enterprises. The identified national high-tech enterprises would enjoy the income tax incentives and a series of preferential policies.)

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