Street lamp "lit" Nansha New Area IOT Smart Metro Information Network

Recently, with the concept of "a street lamp driving the wisdom development of a city", a new generation of intelligent street lights integrating photovoltaic new energy, the Internet of Things charging pile, environmental sensors, intelligent monitoring equipment and so on appeared in Guangzhou Nansha New District, greatly improving The city informatization advancement many problems in the process, for Nansha New District to create "production, city, people," the wisdom of the new Internet of things has laid a solid foundation.

The new generation of smart street lamp was developed by Guangdong Zhongkean Coastal Car Network Technology Co., Ltd. In response to the repeated construction of information projects, many problems such as islanding of information have not been alleviated. The aim is to integrate intelligent urban street lighting with media Equipment and analysis of a variety of perception of information, command a variety of Internet of Things equipment applications, and ultimately build a city-level information network.

It is learned that a new generation of smart street lamps can not only collect energy through photovoltaic energy sources, but also provide charging facilities for new energy vehicles. In public services, it also collects various traffic environment information of the city at any time, and intelligently monitors the flow of people and traffic in the city Real-time monitoring to further protect the safety of the city and enhance the quality of life of the public.

As the street lamp can cover every corner of the city, but also rely on the light pole load a variety of IoT devices, therefore, the wisdom of the street lights become the natural carrier of information nodes, relying on the Internet of Things logo as the entrance, the data in the Internet of Things basic platform Convergence. The platform combines big data analytics and expert decision-making systems to create a city-level perceptual network that transforms into city data centers, decision centers, and operations centers.

As an important part of the integrated management information platform for urban IoT, Wisdom Street Light has completed the 360 full-coverage IoT dedicated safety net built by Nansha New District, combining with intelligent parking, dustbin monitoring, tube well monitoring, environmental monitoring, asset management, The prevention and control of old age and other fields of Internet of Things large-scale applications, together form a set of management operations, industrial development, public services in one city integrated Internet information management platform for all aspects of urban construction decision-making management to provide optimal solutions.

picture shows the effect of smart street light

At present, the smart street lamp has been officially put into use in Nansha New District of Guangzhou and has become a part of the Wisdom New City Construction of the Internet of Things in Nansha New Area, playing an important role.

It is showed that Nansha New District Wisdom Smart Metro will be built in Nansha New Area planning area of 803 square kilometers built in China's IoT base, relying on Nansha Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area core city and the global Internet of Things access to China's main root position of the dominant position, with the country Internet of Things identity management public service platform as the basis, through the IOT logo interoperability technology, the rapid convergence of IoT industries and enterprises, the formation of enterprise incubation, industrial upgrading, personnel training and financial services and other functions as one of the industrial ecosystem, build Internet of things wisdom strong town.

In the future, Nansha New Area Internet of Things Wisdom Metro will focus on the development of leading industries such as international trade, IT and smart manufacturing, and continue to build an international commodity and technology exhibition and trade center with online and offline linkage, industrial 4.0 pilot demonstration area and innovation and entrepreneurship Base, contribute to the construction and development of the international cooperation zone of modern service industry.

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