Song Hongwei, Chairman of Fangdazhi Control: Smart City Lighting Cloud Platform Based on Internet of Things

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Province, the Commission by the guidance of the letter, Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission, supported by Hangzhou Economic Commission, the National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance (CSA) and Zhejiang Solid State Lighting Industry Association co-sponsored, CSA Should be recommended by the Road Lighting Working Group, Intelligent Lighting Work Committee, Urban Landscape Lighting Working Group, LED Industry Association of Hangzhou contractors, the new joint network project, Maple Sun Ming, the strings of Things, Shanghai think twice, crystal day lighting, caused The theme of "CREATE ENERGY, ACCESS Power, Fangdazhi Control, Jibu Technology, Suzhou Nuoxi, Infotech Electronics co-sponsors the seminar on the application and promotion of LED lighting in China Road lighting landscape in Hangzhou Huashaoshan grand. Zhejiang Fangda Zhi Technology Co., Ltd., chairman of Zhejiang University, Professor Song Hongwei attended the event and shared the "smart city lighting cloud platform based on the Internet of Things," thematic article.

It is introduced that Zhejiang Fangda Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is a commitment to the Internet of Things and cloud computing innovation and industrialization of national high-tech enterprises. The smart city lighting monitoring system developed and popularized by the company is an important component of smart lighting platform construction in smart city construction and an important means of energy conservation and emission reduction. Many of the system's technologies are at the forefront of the world and have been extended to more than 50 countries around the world And more than 100 cities, is currently the most internationally competitive smart lighting business. Participated in key national key R & D strategic international cooperation in science and technology innovation projects, is the national Torch Plan industrialization demonstration enterprises, Zhejiang Province, "invisible the first one" enterprises, Zhejiang Province won the Information Economic Progress Award, 2016 new products, new technologies and new materials First prize and so on.

Zhejiang Fangda Zhi Technology Co., Ltd., chairman of Zhejiang University, Professor Song Hongwei introduced "based on the Internet of Things Smart City Lighting Cloud Platform," said the system has simple operation, visual operation of the page at a glance. System scalability, distributed data processing, scalable system capacity, support for high concurrent data access, the realization of hundreds of millions of Internet of things node intervention and data exchange. The system is open and the system design is convenient. The protocol conversion layer can be seamlessly compatible with various communication devices, including 6LoPWAN wireless technology such as NBIOT / LoRa, 2G / 3G / 4G and fast and seamless access to third-party systems. At the same time, the system can remotely access the mobile device. Support remote access to system platforms for mobile devices such as smartphones, IPADs or laptops.

He said Fang Dazhi's IoT + Big Data platform has excellent solutions in smart lighting systems, urban landscape lighting and smart street lighting IOT. Song Hongwei said: "This industry which is a lot of businesses all at once, the real real industry has entered the phase out, with me in 2009 at the same time started to do, if you put in this platform to exit, a lot of people Looked at a hardware is very simple to come in, the real hard inside this industry is the back of the platform. Software system We do 7-8 years later, NB-IoT can do a month, LoRa we spent two months, We do two or three people to do the hardware, but the software has 40 people, the complexity is really complicated on this platform. "

Subsequently, introduced a series of smart lighting solutions and engineering cases. Jiaxing more than 40,000 wisdom lighting control project, Zhejiang Province, the largest LED + smart single lamp renovation project. Saudi Arabia Riyadh 61,000 smart lighting project, Cambodia wisdom lighting project, Hangzhou Xinjingjing highway tunnel lighting maintenance project, Henan Zhoukou solar street lamp project, Hangzhou Xiyuan Road pilot, Sanya Shuangs Shuangcheng the first pilot city project and so on .

Song Hongwei also said Fang Dazhi is positioning solutions provider: product + service. Has 20 overseas strategic partners, more than 30 domestic strategic partners. Products to promote the global more than 80 countries and more than 200 cities, more than 10,000 switchgear / loop control, more than 300,000 single-lamp control.

Article from China Semiconductor Lighting Network

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