Solar photovoltaic system needs maintenance?

Solar photovoltaic power generation is not only environmentally friendly, but also can save money and make money, become essential supplies for many families. Photovoltaic power generation design life of 25 years, if you want to make your photovoltaic power generation profits better, longer life, good maintenance can not be ignored later, the family's power station maintenance is relatively simple, today's small series for everyone under the system Home photovoltaic power station maintenance methods.

First, the maintenance costs

Home-made solar photovoltaic systems, generally less than 10KW system maintenance costs are almost negligible, if more than 10KW of photovoltaic power plants, you can budget 1% -3% of the total investment in the maintenance costs.

Second, component cleaning

Component Maintenance is performed on the parts requiring periodic inspection according to the product's supplier's instruction manual.

1.The surface of the PV module should be kept clean, but do not wash too often, the self-cleaning effect of the PV module surface, regular rain will wash away the surface dust. Frequent washing will not only not significantly increase the amount of power generation, but also cause a waste of water resources. Cleaning in non-rainy season for about 1 month, areas with large amount of dustfall can increase the frequency of cleaning. Heavy snowfall should be promptly removed in areas with heavy snowfall to avoid uneven power generation due to power generation and snow melting. Clean up sheltered trees or debris.

2. In order to avoid heat shock under high temperature and strong light on the human body and possible damage to the components, it is recommended in the morning or late afternoon when the component cleaning work, it is recommended to clean the glass surface of the photovoltaic module with a soft brush, Clean and gentle water, cleaning efforts to use smaller, to avoid damage to the glass surface, coated glass components should be taken to avoid damage to the glass layer.

Third, inverter maintenance

1. Regularly check the inverter wiring is solid, the line insulation performance is normal, with or without damage, in particular, to check the inverter fan is functioning properly.

2. The inverter alarm shutdown, can not immediately boot, carefully check the cause of the malfunction and whether the device is damaged, the power module has breakdown breakdown phenomenon, identify the cause and then boot. Once again boot uncertain, should tell to the maintenance center, operation and maintenance station or local power station.

Fourth, extreme weather maintenance

1. Such as in the event of rain trip, there may be no tight terminals, such as such cases, must be handled after the rain clear, available insulation tape wound terminals, and then observe whether the trip, such as the continued tripping phenomenon should be told to repair center or local tube station.

2. Thunderstorm days, the air switch should be below the air switch to prevent damage to electrical equipment. After the thunderstorm days, then switch off.

Fifth, monitoring

If you do not have a monitoring system, you do not know the operation of the power station. The operating rate of the power station is the most fundamental factor that determines the profitability of the power station. In order to improve the power generation efficiency and increase the power generation income, how to understand without professional knowledge of operation and maintenance Power station operation and maintenance situation, or there may be problems, the real intelligent management of household photovoltaic power plants.

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