Solar LED outdoor lighting: design and application of considerations and application examples

In the past decade, we have seen renewable energy technologies and practices gradually entering our daily life. It integrates into our society and offers subtle differences in everyday life such as cars, thermostats and even lighting and control. On a much larger scale, we see that geothermal energy is used in solar-powered LED lighting in large buildings, rainwater harvesting and recycling, and even in connection with the grid. In fact, the efficiency provided by LEDs brings new life to solar energy. Here, we will introduce the advantages and challenges of implementation.

Solar outdoor lighting has stood out from other technologies to not only provide the lighting necessary for our daily lives but also to alert facility users and others about the sustainability of their facilities design. When solar-powered outdoor lights illuminate, they can "communicate" and deliver information about environmental management to relevant companies and organizations, builders, developers, and lighting designers alike.

Due to advances in solar panels, batteries and LED technology, commercial solar outdoor lighting is now more reliable than grid-connected systems and offers higher quality lighting at a lower cost. In fact, the cost of solar outdoor lighting advantages of the synergies of technological innovations in three key areas:

Solar panel costs fall: The US Solar Industry Association (SEIA) notes that the cost of photovoltaic panels has dropped dramatically in recent years and has dropped 60% since early 2011.

Battery Technology Improvements: The growth in the blended and electric car markets has improved battery technology, resulting in a compact, efficient and durable rechargeable battery.

LED efficiency improvements: LED lighting efficiency is also rising, which means more light or higher power (higher lumens per watt) with less power, which equates to the same reduction in lighting output costs .

Due to these trends, commercial solar outdoor lighting is now, in many cases, more economical than on-grid. These include remote or non-existent existing electrical infrastructure such as safety and green areas around them or unwillingness to change existing roads or landscapes (eg parking lots, roads, outdoor storage areas, park playgrounds and campuses ). In these cases, installing a solar LED lighting system can be done immediately, eliminating the need for trenches, wiring and other costs associated with installing new grid-connected lighting systems. In addition, the use of solar LED lights, over 25 years of service life, there will be no electricity bill, you can save costs in the coming decades.

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