Smart lighting to promote the diversity of urban development, various regions have its own characteristics

"God said there should be light, so we use good light." Promotion and publicity of urban culture With the development of the times, the way it is presented also diversified, and the light is undoubtedly the most modern and dynamic form. For urban lighting design, the premise of good light is to understand the city's appeal and culture, is the most unique for the city.

Shenzhen city lighting legislative hearing was adopted


It is said that the Shenzhen Municipal Government Legislative Affairs Office released the "Shenzhen City Lighting Management Measures (draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures") legislative hearing the lecture, part of the hearing was adopted.


In order to strengthen the management of urban lighting, improve the urban lighting environment and promote energy conservation, the Urban Management Bureau has drafted the Measures for the Administration of Urban Lighting of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (Draft for Review) to the Municipal Legal System Office for examination. The municipal legal system solicited written opinions from various relevant government departments, all district governments (including the new district management committee), relevant trade associations and enterprises, and solicited opinions from the public on the government website. Organized the relevant departments and districts Forum to listen to opinions; the same time, through the "Shenzhen Legal System" WeChat public number held a network legislative hearing.

According to information, the network hearing mainly around the scope of landscape lighting need to be limited? How to define the scope of science and rationality? Landscape lighting facilities and the main project should be "at the same time design, construction, delivery at the same time" (three simultaneous)? How to implement the three simultaneous requirements? Road lighting how to save energy and environmental protection? And other issues.


We have learned that most of the hearing testers believe that the scope of landscape lighting needs to be limited and to reflect local characteristics. In view of the city has promulgated the "Shenzhen City Lighting Special Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "special plan"), the proposed range of landscape lighting based on special plans to set. The testimony of the witness approves the requirements of the "three simultaneous" requirements of the landscape lighting facilities and the main project and considers that this provision can avoid duplication of construction and construction and waste of resources. As for how to implement the three simultaneous requirements, the hearing statement holders think that the planning, construction and urban management departments should cooperate with each other.


In the meantime, the testers said the road lighting should be energy saving and environmental protection, and suggested to promote the use of LED energy saving lamps or remote control of IOT lights or hernia lamps to replace traditional high pressure sodium lamps. There are also testimonials suggested the use of EMC contract energy management model, both to reduce the government burden, but also to achieve energy-saving emission reduction purposes. Still other testimonials suggested that the competent authorities should reasonably control the opening and closing of the street lights and ensure that people can travel safely while avoiding light pollution.


In view of the aforesaid opinions, the "Measures" intends to specify that the landscape lighting facilities should be set up in accordance with the requirements of "special planning" in the key areas such as important urban landmarks and nodes, main landscape corridors and important traffic portals; it is proposed to implement and implement the three simultaneous construction projects , Land transfer contract should be clear landscape lighting facilities three simultaneous planning requirements. The construction unit shall submit the technical opinions of the design plan of the landscape lighting facilities to the competent department for technical advice as the key elements for planning the issuance of the permit for the planning of the construction projects issued by the land department and setting forth the relevant contents in the permit; requiring the competent department to establish the intelligent lighting Control system to realize the scientific switching lights and brightness control of urban lighting facilities. At the same time, it promotes the use of energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting technologies, new products and new equipment, and intensifies energy conservation promotion and organization of energy saving training to achieve green lighting and smart lighting.


The next step, the Municipal Law Office will continue to revise and improve the "measures" and as soon as possible to the municipal government for consideration.

Tianjin to promote the transformation of night and road lighting upgrade


In accordance with the general principle of "adding light, adding color and improving quality", a batch of lighting groups have been constructed in Tianjin and an initial night-vision network has been formed to enhance the night view effect of the "Eye of Tianjin" to the 8-mile bright bridge. Line, forming 63 km of urban road night market lighting network. We learned from the Municipal Commission of City Planning Commission, the new year, the city will also continue to promote night upgrade and road lighting upgrade.


According to the information, in consolidating and upgrading the existing night lights on the basis of the next, the city will further improve the overall landscape lighting planning, landscape lighting optimization layout, promote the use of "Internet +" technology, adhere to the green and bright, static and dynamic Combine, so bright place to light up, the United States up, should not bright areas firmly not bright, to avoid light pollution, and effectively achieve Huiminlimin not disturbing people.


At the same time, improve and transform the street lamp command and management monitoring center, to achieve "a gate" management. Updated replacement key areas, key roads 25000 high-energy high-pressure mercury lamp. Rebuild 200 old cells 4000 base lights, the 30 lights do not shine on the road rectification and upgrading, effectively there is no road lights, lights do not light the problem solved.

Jiujiang City Road 396 five street lamp into LED upgrade


Recently, in accordance with the requirements of the document of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Municipal Government on accelerating the construction of key urban construction projects in the downtown area of Jiujiang, five roads, including Qianjin East Road, Qianjin West Road, Shilihe Scenic Road, Jiulong Street and Longkai Old Course, There are high-pressure sodium lamp for the lighting of the street light LED street lighting upgrade, especially in the past more people reflect the Shilihe, Long-ancestor of the lights did not light the problem has been better.


It is understood that the renovation project started construction in mid-September 2017, after three months of construction, according to schedule requirements of the node successfully completed a total of 396 poles to complete the reconstruction of a total of poles. Through the transformation of completely changed the past lamp aging, lighting and lighting uniformity and other poor lighting effects, to achieve the goal of improving road lighting illumination and reduce power consumption, but also Jiujiang City Construction Bureau municipal government to build green energy-saving lighting and promote the city LED lighting products to use a practical measure.

Qianjiang District, Chongqing City to enhance urban lighting


Qianjiang District, Chongqing City, closely around the quality of urban construction, to serve the people's livelihood-oriented, from the "building, management, intelligence, new" do a good job in four aspects of urban lighting and lighting management, meticulously create the city night, "Quality City" add luster .


The district focuses on the construction of street lights and earnestly solves the problem of having no lights on the road. Completed G65 South interoperability, Party School ring line, sewage treatment plants outside the five new road lights construction. Strengthen the back streets and other cities "no light district" construction, completed 14 back street alleys construction and renovation, the new installation of street lights 657. At the same time, the district also made enough articles in the lighting planning to complete the "Qianjiang Old Town Landscape Lighting Plan" "Qianjiang Old Town Landscape Lighting Master Plan" "Qianjiang Old Town Landscape Lighting Plan" and other lighting special planning, forward-looking planning to promote the city Lighting facilities beautification building.


Strengthen supervision and maintenance to enhance the operation of facilities, carry out daily inspections, establish inspection records, and practice ledger management. For the faulty street light in accordance with the "repair that is bad," the way to quickly repair a total of 10400 lighting repair lighting times, handling control box fault 90, 238 faulty cable handling. At present, Qianjiang city road lighting lighting rate of 98%, urban road lighting facilities intact rate of 97%, urban landscape lighting facilities intact rate of 96%.


The district vigorously promote intelligent management in the field of urban lighting to complete urban street lighting intelligent control system transformation, the new installation of 11 sets of control equipment access to urban intelligent lighting control system. The construction of building lighting control remote control system, the implementation of remote control, intelligent management, fault alarm and remote diagnosis and maintenance of rapid response, greatly improving the intelligent lighting management level. At the same time, the district will integrate intelligent lighting control into the digital city management platform and actively participate in the construction of smart cities to promote the intelligent development of the industry.


The district insists on innovation-driven promotion of urban lighting management to improve quality and efficiency. Vigorously promote the low-carbon environmental protection, energy efficient, safe and comfortable new energy-saving LED lights as the city lighting, in the transformation of the old city lights all use LED energy-saving lamps, altogether transform 8 sections, 105 LED street lamps. At the same time, the use of LED light source in the maintenance of urban buildings lighting. At the same time, in line with the principle of "government-led and market-oriented operation", we intend to use contractual energy management (EMC) to attract social capital to participate in the construction of LED street lamp in the city and make great efforts to achieve a new leap forward in lighting construction and management.

Anzhou city LED lights successfully transformed


"Recently, the streets of Anzhou downtown brighter than before." It turned out that this is the effect of energy-saving LED street lamps in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. LED lights with environmental protection, energy saving, high luminous efficiency, long life and other characteristics, saving more than 70%. Up to now, the street lights of more than 30 roads such as Haicheng Road, Kexing Road and Binhe Road in Anshun City have been rebuilt and put into operation, altogether 1267 LED street lights were retrofitted, and more than 1,200 single lamp controllers were installed.


Since the commencement of the urban LED street light energy-saving renovation project, the Anzhou District Urban Management Bureau has, in accordance with the planned construction plan and renovation plan, reasonably determined the concrete reconstruction sections, timing and number of lights, and steadily promoted the progress of the project. In order to ensure the installation quality of street lamps, the overall beauty and coordination of street lamps and poles, the relevant person in charge of the project and the successful bidder have coordinated many times to strive for perfect results. And the section of LED street light has been modified illumination, light decay and other related parameters for testing, to ensure that the city LED lights energy saving installation quality.

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