Smart lighting one-stop service platform helps users maximize the value

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Province, the Commission by the guidance of the letter, Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission, supported by Hangzhou Economic Commission, the National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance (CSA) and Zhejiang Solid State Lighting Industry Association co-sponsored, CSA Should be recommended by the Road Lighting Working Group, Intelligent Lighting Work Committee, Urban Landscape Lighting Working Group, LED Industry Association of Hangzhou contractors, the new joint network project, Maple Sun Ming, the strings of Things, Shanghai think twice, crystal day lighting, caused The theme of "CREATE ENERGY, ACCESS Power, Fangdazhi Control, Jibu Technology, Suzhou Nuoxi, Infotech Electronics co-sponsors the seminar on the application and promotion of LED lighting in China Road lighting landscape in Hangzhou Huashaoshan grand. Hongjihui, general manager of Xiamen Zhichuang Energy Technology Co., Ltd. attended the event and shared the theme lecture of "Easylamp Smart Street Light One-stop Platform".

Hongjihui, general manager of Xiamen Zhichuang Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

It is understood that,Xiamen Zhichuang Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on the field of information technology, automation control technology of high-tech (double soft) enterprises, the company now has invention patents and utility model patents and more than 10 Numerous software products copyright. Focusing on the field of outdoor intelligent lighting, the products are widely used in large-scale lighting scenes such as roads, tunnels, night scenes, ports and parks. With advanced, independent and complete products and solutions, the company provides customers with a complete supply of independent hardware and software products, Application solution design. Is currently the only company that has advanced, independent and complete product solutions in outdoor smart lighting, indoor smart lighting, smart home products and smart power products at the same time. We provide our customers with a complete supply of independent hardware / software products, Solution design, OEM / ODM services and personalized technology research and development services.

Hongjihui, general manager, said: "Xiamen Zhichuang Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has advanced, cutting-edge and stable technical strength and smart city products, a number of smart city product line in Xiamen City and many of the country as a controlled product, And there are more than 300 successful cases of landing the Internet of Things, and in Russia, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and other countries have many success stories. The company has 25 invention patents, 35 utility model patents,65 software copyright. "

He said that the cause of the company products have four advantages: 1, power-level calculation accuracy certification, to ensure that the data collected is true and reliable. 2, street lamp management system is powerful, communication is stable and reliable. High bandwidth transmission, strong anti-interference ability. The system platform can realize the access of the equipment and realize the interconnection and intercommunication of different equipment. 3, high safety and reliability. Equipment through the surge, tired lightning test. To create a single-lamp energy-saving controller surge protection rating of 10KV or more, with a pass rate of 99.7%. 4, industrial grade devices. Can resist outdoor bad weather, has a strong anti-interference ability. Strong smart lighting products, adaptability, can be applied to all types of environments.

He said Easylamp smart street lamp one-stop service platform, not the traditional intelligent stacking of hardware and equipment, the product is configured according to customer needs, customized on-demand, rapid development, on-line quickly. Saas cloud services include distributed smart street light servers and public cloud smart street light servers. The wisdom lamppost will also provide big data services, business development business and intellectual brain support through operational data, and introduce "Smart Lighting +" into the management of urban public lighting and to the multi-dimensional service direction of smart city.

Hongjihui said: "When doing intelligent lighting, in fact, some control means of communication for the entire system is only a means and means of achieving wisdom lighting lighting, the key should be to serve the user, to serve Lighting operation manager.So, we think the value and result of intelligent lighting bring to users is the most important no matter what kind of means we use.We use the current embedded sensing acquisition technology, communication technology, and our The information technology of IT, the final user to bring the following values:

First, our system should be able to achieve the quality of equipment evaluation system. Because we used to analyze the brain to determine these actions, the use of current technical means to allow the computer to complete the brain, the evaluation system which can change from subjective to objective.

Second, our system gives our customers the most important thing is to increase efficiency, improve efficiency, we can use our IT system to create a better energy-saving model for the user.

Third, life-cycle management. I know very well how much the company invests, how about the failure rate, and where the equipment is distributed.

Fourth, is the ex post evaluation system. The smart lighting system must have the function of implementing an ex-post evaluation system. This is a very good summary of one of our users' experiences. This summary can not rely on people's subjective conclusions. It depends on our vast data. "

Hongjihui, general manager at the conclusion also said: "We are committed to creating a one-stop service of smart lighting, a new ecological approach, a new industrial chain, a new business model that corresponds to the need for a new way of thinking, the new Business cooperation model, the new internal management of enterprises in order to adapt to the development of smart cities, rapid occupation of smart city market share."

Article from China Semiconductor Lighting Network 

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