Smart lighting 2.0 era is coming, LED companies how to layout?

"Hue is a smart lighting 1.5 era, while Tune Technology opens the era of smart lighting 2.0, just as the landline to wireless phone process is a complete experience and a sophisticated ecosystem. The products of Smart Lighting 2.0 era are real spending Upgraded products, in keeping with people's habits at the same time, it should be fool smart, with convenience. "Tuning Technology founder and CEO Huang Xiaojun said in an interview.


Public data show that by 2020, intelligent lighting will account for 20% of the global lighting market share is expected to exceed 100 billion scale, intelligent lighting will be the new blue ocean in the future market.


Smart lighting is blue ocean market


"With the advent of the LED era, smart lighting has tremendous opportunities for growth in terms of energy saving, digital applications and consumer upgrades." Huang Xiaojun said.


According to the "Industry Intelligence Analysis Data of China Smart Lighting Industry" published by Prospect Industry Institute, the market size of domestic smart lighting industry was approximately 12.4 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 23% over the same period of last year. Smart LEDs will iterate over the traditional lighting market and are therefore a must for the future.


In 2014, Huang Xiaojun set up a focus on intelligent lighting and control system tuning technology, the official into the field of intelligent lighting. "In fact, before setting up the technology, I have done market research, LED digital applications must be the rapid development of the next decade, an industry."


Huang Xiaojun view, the Internet of Things is optimistic about the future development of the industry, intelligent LED contains a huge market potential, on the one hand because of the policy trend is good, on the other hand is the lighting industry's "thinking" relatively slow, the lighting giants have not Truly into this market.


"At present, in our country with an annual output value of more than 2000 billion yuan in the market, there is no one ringing lighting brand, which is an opportunity for start-ups.Also, although the world's more famous lighting companies are in the layout of digital applications, the layout of smart city Lighting, such as landscapes, buildings, etc., but did not focus on the layout of the family scene area, and the real lighting market is actually a big family market and intelligent lighting devices in the form of a single product, the lack of systematic solutions. "Huang Xiaojun said .


Why intelligent lighting is not yet universal? Huang Xiaojun think, first, do not know smart LED products, low market awareness. Second, the current market products can not provide simple and intelligent way to control the light to meet people's needs. Most of the lights are not only a single color and can not be adjusted, but not easy to smart, a small amount of intelligent lighting system is expensive.


"Our original intention is to solve the pain points of the lighting industry market, first proposed a system-level intelligent lighting solutions." Huang Xiaojun said he hoped to get through the lights and intelligent control barriers, put forward a set of easy-to-use and cost-effective intelligent lighting system.


Main family lighting scene


"Our main business now is intelligent home lighting, well done and then extended to other areas." Huang Xiaojun told that we are more concerned about the market product innovation and customer focus on the demand.


Huang Xiaojun very optimistic about the prospects for the development of smart home. "The future development of smart home depends on two aspects: First, smart home to provide customers with value, customers are willing to use, more and more people use the second is smart home entrance is actually diverse, intelligent home lighting can also become Entrance, but the ultimate goal is to make life simple and practical. "


Huang Xiaojun told, "Intelligent lighting can be accessible to millions of households, and has a wide distribution in space, involving the number of nodes, the use of high frequency advantage."


However, for now, the focus of intelligent lighting applications market is concentrated in street lighting as the representative of the field of public lighting and some commercial lighting, the application of home lighting is still very limited, but also continue to accelerate access to millions of households.


"We are in cooperation with many real estate companies such as Evergrande Real Estate, CCCC Real Estate and Zhongliang Real Estate to find opportunities for brand exposure, which is also the best opportunity to show the brand," Huang Xiaojun said.


In fact, in intelligent lighting, lighting is only a part, more importantly, intelligent control platform.


Huang Xiaojun said that "the current market most of the smart lighting products are also entry-level, truly complete intelligent lighting solutions can only be an integrated hardware and software solutions; and this program at the same time to meet the multi-lamps, light sources, switch combinations , The control system needs the network of scale, the lighting of the whole space can be controlled in a centralized way and so on. "


It is understood that the transfer of science and technology is a hardware and software integration company, the current smart lighting products from the super switch, super light, wireless switches and APP composition, the use of Zigbee + WIFI wireless communication protocol, dynamic networking, supports up to simultaneous control 2000 lights. The superlight in this mode reshapes the interaction of lights with the concept of "simple intelligence," allowing the user to interact with the lights while also allowing the lights and lights to communicate with each other.


"We aim at the market segment of family scene lighting, hoping to increase our market share in telecom technology, quickly accumulate our subscriber base, and become the top spotlight in the field of family scene lighting in China next year and will be listed in 2019 Plan. "This is Huang Xiaojun to adjust the science and technology development plan set.


Should focus on brand building


"Currently, in the field of lighting, the brand awareness is relatively low due to the traditional industries and lack of innovation. However, with the rise of new domestic products, the industry's brand awareness and brand capabilities continue to grow, and the emergence of brands Need a step by step process. "Huang Xiaojun believes that the lighting industry's brand needs innovative companies to join.


Huang Xiaojun view, the brand contains two aspects: First, visibility, and second, the reputation. The core of brand building is based on the product of low-cost high-quality, but also must be sustained and steady.


In front of a huge market, international manufacturers have entered the field of intelligent lighting, relative to the internationally renowned lighting companies GE, Osram, many domestic brands still have a great gap, the lack of brand concept.


In this regard, Xiao-Jun Huang believes that many companies to enter the smart lighting, indicating a great deal of industry development, with great market potential. In China, the establishment of low-cost durable products is the brand's core strategy.


At present, the adjustment technology has launched 14 light sources, covering downlights, spotlights, bamboo bulb, bulb, wall wash light, with flexible lights, in addition to separate physical switch.


Huang Xiaojun said that in terms of light source, the primary smart lighting products only the light and white light panels, and international famous lighting companies only have light bulbs, spotlights, soft lights and ceiling lamps, tone technology rich variety of categories and includes a complete control module, But also to provide system-level intelligent lighting solutions.

Source: China Economic Times

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