Smart Connected Lighting leads the Internet of Things and smart city building

CityTouch Flex intelligent connected road lighting system participate in the 2017 Huawei Connect Conference to showcase the results of smart connected lighting and look forward to the smarter city application ecosystem with lighting as its platform. An electronics company is committed to building the era of lighting companies in the Internet of Things, and actively promote the development of smart Internet lighting in China, docking smart city construction needs.

Giant focus Internet of things, intelligent interconnection lighting to help smart city

With the theme of "Cloud Linking the Future," Huawei Connect Connect focuses on emerging ICT technologies in 2017 such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and big data. In recent years, the rapid development momentum of things, has become the focus of many technology giants. One of the earliest applications of IoT that started to enter people's lives as the unique coverage advantage of lighting for the Internet of Things access point. As a representative of IoT lighting applications, built-in Huawei's chipset CityTouch flex intelligent interconnection road lighting system in the main exhibition hall of the Internet of Things Island physical show.

Since 2014, an electronics company has introduced the CityTouch intelligent interconnected road lighting system, which has been successfully used in major cities in the world such as Los Angeles in the United States and Jakarta, Indonesia. It is one of the important measures to promote the construction of a smart city in the world. In a special United Nations conference in August 2017, an article jointly released by an electronics company and the World Urban Data Council1 showed that Los Angeles energy consumption in Los Angeles decreased by 63% in 2016 through the use of a smart-connected LED road lighting system, saving nine hundred Million in spending and reduced the annual emissions of greenhouse gases from public lighting in Los Angeles by a total of 47,000 tons, which is equivalent to the sum of the annual emissions of about 10,000 passenger cars2. Today, energy and environmental issues are increasingly prominent, the intelligent interconnection road lighting system has achieved remarkable environmental advantages. Smart cities not only contain environmental issues, but also more possibilities.

From street lamps to the ecosystem, CityTouch flex intelligent interconnection road lighting system landing in China

In 2017,an electronics company introduced the CityTouch flex intelligent interconnected road lighting system in the Chinese market. The system takes the street light as the entrance of the Internet of Things and can be used in various smart city applications including urban emergency system, traffic signal management system, security monitoring system, traffic flow, traffic flow, weather detection system and the like, and supports the smart city in all directions run. With the popularization of intelligent interconnection lighting, the street lamp no longer has the function of lighting alone, but also will create a smart city application ecosystem to help the city operate and maintain. Not only can it have remarkable results in energy saving and emission reduction, but also reduce the crime rate and ensure traffic Safe and even enhance economic development.

CityTouch flex intelligent interconnection road lighting system is gradually laid out in China, the first CityTouch flex has landed in Changzhou, Kunshan, Beijing and other places. At present, more than 1600 sets of its LED smart street lamps have been deployed in China and will help more cities develop smart cities in the near future.

An electronics company took advantage of the promising Internet of Things opportunities for the connected world at Huawei 2017 and the CityTouch flex we bring is a microcosm of our leadership and technological achievements in smart connected lighting. Smart city construction, an electronics company greater China general manager Xiang Di Ming is confident lighting, "With the success of CityTouch flex in China, we will further promote China's smart city construction, in addition to street lighting, an electronics company will also use their own advantages in the field of intelligent lighting, such as construction, office, industrial, hotel, business and so on, allow more people to enjoy more comfortable, smart, convenient and safe urban life. "

Article from - Semiconductor Lighting Network

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