Shenzhen: Lighting "three simultaneous" management of street lamps take into account the city landscape

As early as 1997, Shenzhen formulated the "Regulations for the Administration of Urban Road Lighting in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone" (the "Special Zone Rules") promulgated by the SAR. Since 20 years have passed, not only the management requirements of domestic urban lighting have undergone major changes, but the SAR regulations themselves have hardly met the actual needs of Shenzhen at present.


Lighting facilities "three simultaneous" management


When the "SAR Regulations" were initially formulated, subject to legislative powers, they only apply to the original SAR. For example, in the main body of management, the urban road lighting facilities in the original SAR are mainly responsible for the maintenance and management of the urban management department, while the original special administrative regions are mainly responsible for the urban management department. The different administrative bases and standards lead to the urban road lighting in the original SAR The standard of facility construction is much higher than that of the original SAR. It is not until after the integration of the SEZs in 2010 that the "SEZs" will be expanded beyond the original SEZs. However, due to the large amounts of historical debts, it is virtually impossible for the SEZs to play a role outside the SAR. In addition, Shenzhen city lighting management has always been mainly focused on urban road lighting (ie street lamps), the other functional lighting and landscape lighting attention is not enough.


Therefore, Shenzhen re-started the legislative process and drafted Measures by Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau. It is planned to highlight the "three simultaneousities" of urban lighting facilities, that is, the functional lighting facilities and the key area landscape lighting facilities which are to be provided with the main project. Should be designed with the main project at the same time, construction, at the same time put into use. The scope of the "three simultaneous" landscape lighting area will be explicitly implemented and promulgated to the public by the municipal competent department in conjunction with the municipal planning department of land and land according to the special plan for urban lighting, and through public hearings, deliberations and other forms of public opinions and suggestions.


At the hearing, the public Xie Qingjing proposed that for street lamp management, it can be open to public supervision, and in practice it is continuously managed and refined in subtle places. "For the construction of urban landscape lights, the three should be the same time, for the construction of contractors Access, relevant departments of the bidding company to conduct a rigorous qualification examination, and improve the urban landscape lighting design, construction, management and maintenance of scientific and technological content.


Recommended street lights take into account the city landscape


The Measures proposes to propose that competent departments, financial departments and science and technology departments should support the promotion of the use of energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting technologies, new products and new equipment in a timely manner to eliminate energy-intensive and inefficient lighting products in a timely manner and carry out demonstration pilot projects of green and energy-saving lighting. The hearing, the legislative branch also hopes to collect more energy-saving environmental protection "golden ideas." The people's representatives Chen Jingliang revealed that he had seen a CPPCC proposal in 2016 in Cangzhou, Hebei Province, suggesting that the government should replace 30,000 street lights and save 7102 tons of standard coal and 17,103 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 50% of electricity charges each year. In this regard, the Shenzhen City Urban Environmental Management Center lighting said that Shenzhen is also actively trying out xenon lamp.


In addition to street lighting, what should be done?The people's representatives Lunan proposal, hoping to clear the sidewalk and greenway lighting in the legislation need to have some design specifications or standards, "for different sections, depending on the surrounding environment to set the number of lights, light intensity and appearance to facilitate the surrounding environment and better Rong Xie Jing said the public, functional lighting should cover the city without leaving any dead ends, enhance the public's sense of security and reduce the criminal rate. The people's representatives Du Jianmin proposed that landscape lighting facilities also need to consider how to coordinate with the safe city monitoring facilities, organic unity, to avoid duplication and waste of resources.


In response, the Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau lighting Environmental Management Center responded that this is the direction of the current efforts, "At present, Futian, Lo Wu, Nanshan, Yantian and other municipal road lighting installed rate has reached 100%, lighting rate of 99% or more "

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