Shanghai eleventh Photovoltaic Exhibition successfully concluded

April 21, 2017, the world's largest and most professional SNEC 11th International Photovoltaic Exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center came to a perfect conclusion. On the last day of the show, the hall of eco-friendly company known as the leader in integrated solar street light solutions is still crowded. Unique shape, innovative booth attracted the attention of many businessmen from around the world to learn to understand Yigang Technology products, some customers also proposed the willingness to cooperate.

In the exhibition hall, "Specialized Energy Saving & Pro-Environment Solutions" brand slogan first came into view. Corporate LOGO passed out of the enterprise's own mission and core values, it is in line with modern people desire to have a non-polluting, green world and the pursuit of a new world of psychology. At the same time, the brand concept has built up the barrier in the minds of consumers, making Yigang Technology fundamentally get rid of the homogenization and pure price competition pattern. Yigang Technology makes "Energy Saving Create Value,Pro-Environment makes Mutual Wins" as its creed, leading the world's energy industry smart change, committed to building a sustainable development, an ecological, green new world.

Through the Yigang Technology booth can understand that it uses the world's leading production technology and highly automated production equipment, to provide customers with first-class quality and efficient integrated solar street lights. And according to the different needs of customers, we strictly grasp the quality, accurate appearance to provide excellent, high conversion efficiency, first-class quality products. In addition, Yigang Technology combines the advantages of solar photovoltaic and information technology in two major areas, bringing consumers innovative products that intelligent solar street lights. The whole process of optimization and innovation make perfect cross-border integration of the digital information technology, internet technology and photovoltaic solar energy.

According to professionals, Yigang Technology has four core competitive advantages of "leading integrated product package", "one-stop system solution", "core patented technology" and "excellent cloud-based cloud butler platform." From installation to maintenance, Yigang Technology provides customers with efficient service. It has won the "high-tech enterprises", "science and technology giant" and many other honors. Products sell well in Southeast Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East, South Africa, India and Australia more than 15 countries.

The annual International Photovoltaic Exhibition is a catalyst for the development of the photovoltaic industry, the heat of the industry will continue to burn down. Green energy is the trend of the times, so in terms of product technology, brand building, service construction and other aspects, the PV industry will continue to innovate to meet the needs of the market. At the same time, the industry also needs aggressive enterprises like Yigang Technology that revitalize the market and promote accelerated development of the entire industry.

As a leading energy management expert in the energy Internet industry, Yigang Technology successfully attracted more than 300 customers on the exhibition to exchange ideas and communicate with each other. Yigang Technology relies on professional technical advantages, high quality and efficient service capabilities to provide new and existing customers with new energy application and development of comprehensive solutions and services, committed to let more people use efficient, low-cost clean energy.

"One Earth, One Dream", Yigang Technology and Friends of the world together guard earth's homeland. Together for the cause of environmental protection to do our parts.

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