Photovoltaic "black technology" case of embarrassment: why the first section of the PV highway "short-lived"

As a fantasy "black technology", the first paragraph of China's domestic PV road from the planned release to the official opening are subject to the photovoltaic industry people and even the people of the country's ferocious attention. On December 28, 2017, this solar road bearing the dream of the people of the People's Republic of China was formally put into operation, marking that China's PV applications have come to the forefront of the world. Relative to the world's existing photovoltaic road has been built, our country's solar highway mileage, low cost, practicality, design load using the current national highway standards, and design life, road performance indicators are higher than the existing Asphalt concrete pavement, can be said that dreams and reality in one of the high-tech road. The opening of the road to the photovoltaic industry, the new energy vehicle industry, the road industry has a great groundbreaking significance, however, such a landmark road, but opened to traffic after 5 days was vandalized.

The first section of the domestic photovoltaic road was destroyed

It is understood that the solar road officially opened to traffic on December 28 last year was found destroyed on January 2. Pavement of the transparent concrete friction layer is neatly cut a width of 10-15 cm, a length of 1.85 meters of the hole, there are seven photovoltaic pavement components have been heavy hit the traces. In addition, some parts of the road were suspected of being corroded by liquids and the inverter door on the curb was opened, and nearby high-speed fences were damaged. Clearly, the perpetrators seem to be "very professional" through tidy cuts, fluid erosion and their damaged fences. It is understood that the economic value of the missing components is not high, we can see that the perpetrators are not to sell money, it is suspected that the perpetrators may be interested in technology.

In fact, it is not uncommon to see theft of photovoltaic panels. India started a huge solar project as early as 2012, but PV panels and other equipment are facing serious problems of theft, which have a very bad effect on the Indian PV market. As early as the upcoming opening of the PV Road, Xiaobian also had concerns in mind, do not know this road opened to traffic after the incident will not be stolen, but then denied this possibility. After all, the economic level of China and India is not on a horizontal line, and the quality of Chinese people has also been greatly improved in recent years. Who can handle it with such a magnificent solar-powered highway? But reality happened.

The solar road was destroyed, and solar trash, which has frequently become the city's new landscape in recent years, is even worse. At present, many domestic cities have set up solar trash bins in the streets, which are both beautiful and practical. Some can provide pedestrians with lights at night and some can charge pedestrians' mobile phones. However, the news that the solar trash bin was severely damaged and stolen has been frequently mentioned by the news, people can not help feeling chilling.

The same is a solar road, the Dutch one meter cost over 300,000 yuan of solar energy road intact, has become a beautiful scenery; the French one meter cost of about 36,000 yuan of solar energy road safe and sound; and our country's solar highway in service After five days, it was destroyed. This difference is really too great. Under the strong development in recent years, China's solar energy technology is no worse than others, but in the application side seems to have never come to the forefront, perhaps this is one of the reasons.

From solar power plants to solar street lights, from solar trash cans to solar highways, and then from solar chargers to solar tile, photovoltaic products are becoming more and more diverse in people's lives. Where there is sunlight, photovoltaic products can work. In the future, more photovoltaic products will be put into people's lives. Solar cars will be available soon and the integration of solar buildings has also started to develop slowly. Hard to imagine, when the first mass production of solar cars available later, there will be no theft of the cover such news events. Perhaps some comfort is that the solar energy highway is not stolen to sell money, but belong to steal "technology", a little less ugly.

Closer to home, the solar road was damaged also exposed the problem of poor road security measures. I believe after this incident, the relevant companies and companies in the operation and maintenance will pay more attention to security issues, after all, if the damaged solar energy highway was not found in time, past vehicles are prone to danger. At present, the road has been resumed. For the photovoltaic highway is damaged, the government have been filing, the truth of what happened, I believe soon will come to fruition.

"Photovoltaic + new car" the future is expected

According to Zhang Hongchao, a professor at Tongji University who is a developer of photovoltaic pavements, this photovoltaic highway should not only meet the electricity demand for road surface snow melting, street lamps and traffic monitoring, but also provide unlimited charging for new energy vehicles in the future.

In recent years, the rapid development of new energy vehicles, fuel vehicles in the future will be replaced by new energy vehicles. However, the issue of battery life makes new energy vehicles difficult to meet long-distance customer needs. If the photovoltaic highway can be used for wireless charging of new energy vehicles, it can perfectly solve the pain of life of new energy vehicles so as to get out of a new development of "photovoltaic + new energy vehicles."People can read some solar energy articles to enhance energy-saving awareness.

At present, it is not uncommon for PV to be used in the automotive industry. In 2016, Hanergy released four all-solar-powered vehicles at once, and with the development of the photovoltaic industry, the current new models have become a new fashion in solar powered areas such as skylights. The most important source of energy for the new energy vehicles themselves is the battery. If a small "photovoltaic + energy storage" system is later added to the new energy vehicles, each of them will be "self sufficient" to a certain extent, Will be able to greatly improve the life of new energy vehicles. I believe in the near future, "PV + new car" will be able to give us more surprises.

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