Our company participated in the 1st Entrepreneur Forum of Najin Technology Industrial Park - Innovation and mutual win development

In order to promote the communication between our company and other enterprises in the park, on the afternoon of December 6, our company participated in the Park "1st Entrepreneur Forum of Najin Technology Industrial Park" co-organized by NAC Technology Industrial Park, School of Business Administration of South China University of Technology and Guangdong Private Entrepreneur Training Institute. 

Activities invited South China University of Technology School of Economics and Trade doctoral tutor, vice president of Modern Service Industry Institute Professor Qi Ming, chairman of Friends of the Friends of Fan Xiaopeng, and Li Xin medicine, a car rental, Yigang Eco-Technology, Chang Yuhang Technology Representatives of enterprises stationed in the park gathered together, talked about the innovation and development of enterprises, seek cooperation and mutual win opportunities. Jian-Da Group Executive Director, Guangzhou Iron and Steel Trade Center, Nagin (Guangzhou) Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. President Liu Gaoming, President of Guangzhou Nakin Technology Co., Ltd. Huang Rui, Guangzhou Yigang Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Yu Bing and Deputy General Manager Joffie Zhu attended the forum.

Liu Gaoming Director speech

At the meeting, Liu Gaoming, director of the first speech. He pointed out that the first Entrepreneur Forum of the Nagin Technology Industrial Park coincides with the grand opening of the Guangzhou 2017 Fortune Global Forum, whether it is the theme of Fortune Forum's "Opening up and Innovation Building a New Economic Structure" or the conference's "Empowerment" Both agree with the mission and goals of the Nagin Entrepreneurs Forum. He hoped that with the first Entrepreneurs Forum as a starting point, he hoped that the park could further create a platform for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and innovate, give greater energy to everyone, promote win-win development among parks, enterprises and the society, and promote the formation of a new economic pattern make a contribution.

Subsequently, Ge South China University of Business Administration Senior Management Training Center, Ge Yanping speech. She pointed out that the Nagin Hi-tech Park Entrepreneurs Forum has built a bridge of cooperation in park, business and university senior management training and hopes that more entrepreneurs will be leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship through various cooperation in the future character.

Then, the presence of entrepreneurs representatives to attend the forum leaders, professors introduced the company's development, and put forward the development needs and new ideas.

Professor Qi Ming wonderful interpretation of "innovative" thinking

From a large number of vivid cases, Qiqi Ming demonstrated fantastic "innovative thinking and competition beyond" in entrepreneurship from seven aspects: system innovation, strategy innovation, capability innovation, ecological innovation, research and development innovation, model innovation and intelligent innovation. course.

Fan Xiaopeng teacher to teach human resources actual combat experience

Fan Xiaopeng chairman from the "organizational structure how to support the development of enterprises" point of view, to entrepreneurs who taught human resources management combat professional support.

Subsequently, the leaders, guests and entrepreneurs attending the forum conducted a lively exchange and discussion.

In the future, we will also actively participate in the entrepreneurs' forum regularly held by Najin Technology Industrial Park, strengthen communication with other enterprises in the park, continuously improve the demand elements in the process of enterprise development and promote the rapid development of us.

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