New rural solar street lamp market development in the future

According to the distribution of the new rural solar street charge can be divided into photovoltaic power generation, storage battery power, lighting power consumption of three steps in these three steps photovoltaic power generation with the changes in the amount of changes in the year, the natural battery storage capacity is also changing , While the lighting fixtures set by the controller is fixed, which will inevitably lead to some normal lighting. Therefore, the organic design of the entire system configuration is the fundamental guarantee of 100% lighting of new rural solar street lights throughout the year. The lighting power consumption with the storage capacity of the changes in the technology will be to achieve the new rural solar lights throughout the year 100% lighting the key.

Today, the application of new rural solar street lights bottleneck has been more and more photovoltaic power generation companies to break. This will pave the way for the large-scale popularization and application of new rural solar street lights in the future.

For local governments keen on new rural solar street lights, promoting this product undoubtedly has more advantages.

First of all, the new rural solar street lights used in solar power, in addition to rainy days into electricity will have a small part of electricity costs, operating costs are almost zero.

The night gave it bright eyes, but it was used to illuminate the direction.

With the continuous progress of solar power generation technology and further reduce the cost of power generation, the huge potential of solar street light industry will surely be towards a real market.

The construction of new rural solar street lighting project is an advantage to the country and the people, I believe the municipal solar street light to bring us the light, this is the miracle of light.

Second, the new rural solar street lamp looks beautiful without electricity, suitable for urban roads, residential, industrial parks, plazas, tourist attractions, parks, rural roads, remote areas and other lighting lighting needs. But also for the population density of less developed, underdeveloped economy, lack of conventional fuels, it is difficult to generate electricity with conventional energy sources, but high-tech energy sources such as solar energy-rich areas, solar energy can solve people's home lighting problems in these areas.

The face of so many advantages, along with application bottlenecks to break, new rural solar street lights will usher in a large-scale promotion.

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