Nearly 80% new three-plate LED lighting business profits, one of which is still sprint IPO

Recently, the new three board listed companies Dart Lighting IPO IPO has made new progress. Dart Lighting announced that, under the guidance of the Great Wall Securities, China Securities Regulatory Commission has received the supervision of Shenzhen counseling and acceptance.

It is understood that 170 LED lighting companies listed in the new board, nearly 80% achieve profitability, Dutt Lighting net profit ranked No. 8.

Last year, revenue of 200 million net profit of 46.09 million

According to the information, DAT Lighting landed on the New Third Board on July 7, 2015. It is mainly engaged in the construction of landscape lighting projects, the design and maintenance of landscape lighting projects related thereto, and the research and development and production of LED lighting products.

In the past two years since the listing of the New Third Board, DAT Lighting has been actively capitalizing on its operations and has completed two more fixed-term subscriptions in more than a year, raising a total of 51.585 million yuan.

From the performance point of view, DUT lighting revenue and net profit in 2016 to achieve double growth, respectively, operating income and net profit of 221 million yuan, 4609.16 million, an increase of 65.27%, 198.98 %.

It is understood that Dute Lighting officially announced on April 8, 2016, the external disclosure into the initial public offering of shares and the listing of the counseling phase, began to sprint IPO.

LED lighting companies profit up nearly 80%

LED lighting as a clean and low-carbon emerging industries, showing rapid development. Coupled with the national policy support, LED lighting industry product prices from the second half of 2016 continued to rise, making the LED lighting industry's prospects have been widespread concern and market expectations.

On the current LED lighting industry has disclosed the 2016 annual information of 160 new three board companies to sort out the situation found that, in addition to Cheng wins shares and other 10 companies have not disclosed 2016 annual information, the 160 LED lighting business operating income totaling 19.865 billion yuan , An increase of 2.814 billion yuan from 17.051 billion yuan in 2015, showing a growth trend.

In addition, the profitability of LED lighting enterprises in 2016 also increased, with a net profit of 1,415 million yuan, an increase of 10 million yuan over 2015.

Of the 160 LED lighting companies, 124 companies made profits last year, accounting for 77.5%. In other words, three out of every four LED lighting companies make money.

Article from China Semiconductor Lighting Network

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