Nanjing CPPCC members: the introduction of the Internet to establish a smart lighting management system

In recent years, urban lighting in Nanjing has developed rapidly, becoming a symbol of the need to improve the living environment and the progress of urban civilization. For the city's urban lighting work for some problems, City CPPCC Shen Ru made the relevant recommendations.


"At present, Nanjing has relatively lagging behind in urban lighting work, laws and regulations and related standards. There are heavy construction projects, light maintenance and management, neglecting the cultural taste of lighting design and harmony with the environment, and simply pursuing brightness, style and scale and causing light pollution." Shen Ru said that there are some items copy plagiarism, one-sided pursuit of advertising effect, affecting the quality of urban construction and space lighting environmental quality.


In order to further strengthen the management of urban lighting construction in Nanjing, Shen Ru recommendations to speed up and improve the laws and regulations, timely revision of the general rules and special plans for urban lighting, the establishment of urban landscape lighting evaluation system, rationalize the city lighting management system, strengthen urban lighting project construction Implementation of the management and routine maintenance; Should also adhere to the people-oriented, energy-saving environmental protection of the basic national policy.


In addition, Shen Ru suggested that the establishment of Nanjing wisdom lighting management system, based on the Internet, the city public safety system, urban public management system, urban public monitoring system to achieve interoperability, interoperability and interaction. "The establishment of Nanjing city lighting information platform, can include roads, landscapes, parks, squares, etc., on the investment, energy consumption, operational health monitoring. Such information platform for urban lighting, remote monitoring and visualization can be achieved, but also With detection, intelligent dimming, active alarm, equipment information maintenance, system management and many other human features. "Shen Ru said.

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