Multi-function light pole to help smart city construction

Light pole can also charge electric vehicles, but also displays real-time environmental information, providing free WiFi signal, in the 2017 International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo grand skilled workers pavilion appearance of the composite light pole really make people bright.


Compound street lamp is the independent innovation achievement of Beijing Urban Lighting Management Center (hereinafter referred to as "Lighting Center"). It applies the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, greenness, opening up and sharing and integrates many functions to explore road lighting Harmonious development with smart city construction.


I saw the white light pole, from top to bottom in turn installed a WiFi signal transceiver, lighting, surveillance cameras, environmental sensors, information displays and car charging pile and many other equipment. Chen Renxian, deputy director of the operation and maintenance department of the lighting center involved in the research and development of compound street light poles, told us in the exhibition hall that this composite light pole innovatively developed intelligent lighting, security monitoring, information release, meteorological monitoring, noise monitoring, PM2.5 monitoring , Micro-communications base stations, emergency power supply 8 functions in one, take the streets in the capital clean energy, green energy "ambassador."


Composite lamppost with the traditional street lamp pole does not have the special skills: its light source are LED, the background control of each lamp brightness, to achieve "stepless dimming", green lighting. Light pole embedded electric car charging pile, docking Beijing designated e charging network, shared charging pile, help green travel. Light pole information display real-time release PM2.5, temperature and humidity, noise and other information for the public travel. Wireless Internet access, charge free piles are open to the public, simultaneous installation of Ministry of Public Security "Skynet Project" networking camera, equipped with emergency call button to achieve "a key alarm" to provide city security, road lighting and the realization of smart capital city construction coordination development of.


Since December 2016, the first batch of 20 composite poles have appeared in the West Street of Zuoanmen. At present, the composite lamppost has been used in pilot projects in six districts of Beijing City for 100 applications and has won wide acclaim from the public. The results of the SASAC "State Enterprise Innovation Achievement Exhibition" by the highly affirmed and won the State Intellectual Property Office utility model patent certificate and design patent certificate.


The relevant person in charge of the lighting center said that the composite lamppost is a useful attempt in saving energy, environment-friendly, early warning of accidents, public safety and convenient transportation, avoiding redundant construction and promoting the construction of a capital smart city.

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