Meicheng Guzhou Road Street lights complete upgrades

Meicheng Jiangbei Wuzhou Cheng Guzhou Road street lamp upgrade project was successfully completed and put into use. The total new street lights more than 20, replace the old street lamp more than 20.

Street lights on both sides of the road arranged neatly and orderly,whose led light design is more decent,issued a bright light, the entire road a lot brighter. It is understood that before the transformation, only one side of the ancient Chau Road, installed street lights, as the service life has been long, the existing street lights consume energy, shade yellow translucent poor, low illumination and so on. Coupled with ancient trees on both sides of ancient Chau leafy leaves, making the road illumination is low. In order to eliminate potential safety hazards and improve road surface illumination, the relevant departments embarked on arrangements for the implementation of lighting construction, adding more than 20 street lights to the side of the streetless lights, replacing the existing street lights with energy-efficient ones with higher performance, Tree pruning to reduce the impact on lighting.

Now, more than 40 street lamps cover the entire street, shining the quiet roads in winter, not only realizing the road brightening, providing convenient conditions for the night travel of the general public, but also displaying the concept of saving, green and environmental protection .

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