Look at the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Texas: A street lamp props up the "wisdom future" of enterprise development

Street lights are an indispensable urban infrastructure in our lives. Shandong Yichang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. in Dezhou Economic Development Zone devotes itself to the study of smart lighting, integrates into the construction of smart cities, and uses a street light to prop up the smart future of corporate development.

As the sky darkened and night fell, in Leling, Texas, more than 6,000 newly refitted streetlights lit up together, embellishing the city and providing security for people’s travel.

“After one year of transformation, construction, and operation and maintenance, the lighting rate of our street lamps has increased by more than 98%, and the average brightness has more than doubled. While improving the lighting rate and brightness, we have also saved electricity consumption every month. In addition, the satisfaction rate of the people has also been increasing.” Gao Yan, member of the Party Committee of the Leling City Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau and director of the Municipal Administration Office, told the journalists.

Not only that, Leling also commissioned street lamp manufacturers to specially develop a control system. Through system monitoring, the operation status of each street lamp in the city can be checked. When a fault occurs, the system will automatically alarm, eliminating the pressure of manual inspection. . At the same time, the company has also developed a mobile phone app for easier operation.

According to the Xu Ling, the director of street lighting manufacturer Shandong Yichang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Le Ling, taking into account the disadvantages of traditional street lighting management, they have developed a street light system management platform, including 11 sub-functions. Through the single light control, each street lamp can be intelligently managed, on-demand lighting, and reasonable energy saving.

However, a few years ago, Yichang Lighting's main products were indoor lighting. Considering the fierce competition in the homogenized products in the market and the high cost of manpower, the company also started its own transformation.

“In the past, we were mainly indoor and there were several pain points in the room. The first pain point was that it was difficult to break through in terms of technology. The second pain point was that the energy consumption was too high. The third pain point was the intelligent control of this block. For these pain points, we switched from indoor lighting to outdoor lighting.” said Yang Chuanshi, director of Yichang Lighting Technology.

With the country's attention to the construction of smart cities, Yichang Lighting will look to the development and construction of smart street lamps. They continue to increase research investment and develop products that can regulate light. "We measure the density of a person based on some probes. The population density is assumed to be a square meter, and the population density is reached so that it automatically adjusts the brightness of the lamp so that a better energy saving can be achieved." Yang Chuanshi said.

In addition to the street lighting's own lighting function, companies also give more applications for street lamps, smart WIFI, charging piles, information release, environmental testing and other functions, so that the street lamp exceeds its own value. At the same time, they changed their thinking not only as manufacturers but also as operators. Through platform development and data management, the management of street lights is more intelligent, and it also provides more support for the construction of smart cities.

Yang Chuanshi pointed out that through the collection of data companies can carry out big data analysis in the background, including analysis of the flow of people, vehicles and environmental quality analysis, to provide a large database for future smart cities, providing a basis for the digital management of the entire city.

Since the beginning of this year, the Texas Economic and Technological Development Zone has closely centered on the transformation of the old and new kinetic energy, relying on financial, technological, and human resources policies to guide the transformation and upgrading of enterprises to improve quality and efficiency. “Like Yichang Lighting, we guided him to combine new energy and smart cities, develop smart lighting, and find a new direction in the development of new energy products.” Ye Longting, Depth Minister of Electronic Information Industry Promotion Bureau of Texas Economic Development Zone told journalists.

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