Light pole equipped with micro base station Marina will enter the era of 5G

LED energy-saving lamps, Wi-Fi, smart camera, LED display, alarm system, etc., can also be used to detect air quality, noise, wind force, wind direction and traffic guidance. After the information, it caused widespread concern. The journalists learned yesterday that such street lights will be widely promoted in the Binhai New Area. 5G micro base stations will also choose smart street lights as carriers, and the Binhai New Area will usher in the 5G era.

Implementation of the Smart Streetlight Project Fanghaina Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. recently reached a strategic cooperation with China Tower Corporation Tianjin Branch No. 2 to establish a strategic cooperative relationship for jointly promoting the 5G communications infrastructure construction in Binhai New Area. As a state-owned large-scale integrated communications facility service company, China Towers clearly puts forward the strategic goal of building an international first-class comprehensive service infrastructure for communications infrastructure, and helps the implementation of the development plan for the informatization of Binhai New Area. Hainer Tiancheng teamed up with China’s largest state-owned comprehensive IT enterprise group, China Electronics, to promote the smart city model nationwide, develop emerging economies based on Internet of things and big data, and build independent and controllable technologies and high-end industrial development. A smart and efficient city network that serves the people.

According to the relevant person in charge, the two sides formed a strategic cooperation to build and deploy 5G micro base stations using the Internet of Things facilities with Hainer Tiancheng Smart Street Light as the carrier to jointly promote the joint construction of 5G communication infrastructure and IoT infrastructure resources. Sharing, increasing the depth and breadth of 5G network coverage, and actively expanding the 5G application service area to prepare for the arrival of the 5G era in Binhai New Area. “China Tower’s choice of smart streetlights as a hardware carrier can reduce duplication of investment and construction, reduce land occupation, improve resource utilization and investment efficiency; adhere to high-level planning, high-performance operations and high-standard services, based on social management and public service needs, Actively expand the application services of 5G Internet of Things and improve the public service capabilities and levels."

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