LED Emergency Power Supply Next: Fusion and Intelligence

At present, the world economy has shown a good momentum, LED industry has also shown an unprecedented leap forward. Under the construction of smart city, LED enterprises seize the opportunity and innovate constantly. The success of the industry, but also linked LED power supply companies the same strain, continue the same road, to explore the promotion of industrial innovation and development and the best way to ensure safety. With the escalation of consumption and the revolution of science and technology, China's emergency power industry is ushering in a new round of development.

Emergency lighting, which is closely related to personal safety and building safety, has become the focus of urban development and can be justified in due course. As the core of emergency lighting - emergency power supply, open the response speed in the power, emergency lighting time and battery capacity, etc., have an important impact on the emergency power supply.

As the market segments continue to be tapped, the current direction of the new emergency power supply where?

Multi-functional integration, improve urban emergency response capabilities

In recent years, LED power companies in product innovation, changes can be seen as evidence of the evolution of China's LED industry. It is understood that, in the same power supply, Ying Long Optoelectronics products developed in a single unit can be integrated conventional mode, emergency lighting mode and dimming mode. The compact enclosure saves space in the installation of luminaires, and the integrated space-driven drive provides more freedom for luminaire designers. As a product used in mining, square and other scenes, in addition to meeting the lighting functions, the LED power supply also has the emergency lighting function with the same power to ensure the work continues after the power is cut off to ensure the safe evacuation of personnel.

Ying Long Optoelectronics general manager Lu Xiaowei said, "The particularity of emergency power is that he belongs to a hidden product, a lot of time he may not be in working condition, so will think this product is special. Ying Long photoelectric power supply is mainly with emergency Function to activate backup battery lighting in case of emergency. "

Today's LED industry has been with the world, saving a strong growth momentum. Some industry experts believe that LED emergency power should be "standardized + emergency management" concept, promote the construction of urban safety emergency response system and the modernization of emergency response capabilities.

In the use of innovative products, keep pace with the times and actively explore. In building a smart city blueprint, emergency lighting indispensable.

The combination of business and emergency has become clear. However, Lu Xiaowei said: "Many enterprises understand the concept of emergency power supply may stay in the concept of driving power + battery, but for its internal technology, it requires very high.In addition, the domestic price is more sensitive, often feel the impact of emergency time Small, and when really used, only to recognize the importance of product value.At present, the industry in this area does not have a sound technical standards. "

Currently, the national emergency power supply business mainly consists of Kehua, Ke Shida, Burke, easy special and other enterprises swept the field of lighting, low-end market demand larger, and high-end market, Ying Long Optoelectronics, Enterprises such as possession of a certain market share. In the current use of emergency power, there are about two levels: First, awareness; enterprises recognize the necessity of emergency power supply, but not yet rose to a certain height. Second, the hardware. Many emergency power supply manufacturers are not strong sense of innovation, the technical level of its core components can not keep up with the upgrading of LED products, product quality levels are different, the development of the industry constraints.

The whole transformation of the industry is happening. Some go faster, some go slower, and some are still inherently conservative marketing level, and some have been re-design their own products and intelligent mode. Hideo's emergency power supply are for LED product innovation Features and development. "Lu Xiaowu said.

Mo Hongyong, manager of Sanxiong Aurora R & D Center, said in an interview: "There are many types of emergency power supply on the market at present, and although some are very close in function to standards, they are very simplified in terms of actual circuit materials and are also used for security Not enough, the hidden danger is bigger. "

Huarong Technology Co., Ltd. Purchasing Manager Chen Jian told, "At present, the domestic emergency power supply enterprise product quality is uneven, the scale, quality assurance capabilities and prices ranging from the use of market customers point of view, Hideo photoelectric emergency power quality Excellent, trustworthy. "

In the era of diversified needs, innovation defines the new rules of competition for enterprises. In the British Long Optoelectronics products, the groundbreaking LED driver power supply, emergency power supply a combination of the two at the same time joined the dimming function, and provide customized system solutions. With great concentration and continuous innovation, For the current fierce competition in the market, Hideo photoelectric undoubtedly has more advantages.

LED emergency power supply intelligent future

Emerson said: "The surest sign of wisdom is the miracle that can be found in ordinary." The level of smart city strategy has nothing to do with the size and wealth of the city, but by its level of intelligence. Encounter wisdom and lighting, will also lead to the wisdom of the city of Jinqiao. On the basis of maintaining the basic functions of the lamp, it is necessary to carry out the construction of a special intelligent system in combination with the top-level planning and design of a smart city to enhance the emergency lighting capability of the city.

With the evolution of the city, intelligent management of emergency power has also become the direction. The new generation of users who pay attention to the data experience experience in remote monitoring of products and the subsequent maintenance also bring about the change of competition law. Under the new urban needs, the future of wisdom runs through it all the time.

Regarding the future development path, Lu Xiaowei, general manager of Ying Long Optoelectronics believes that "intelligence is a very important direction of development, especially intelligent management. The future of emergency power supply, remote monitoring. Can monitor each power supply emergency battery attenuation Degree and life expectancy in advance to prevent and assist management.Especially in mining and other special occasions above the emergency power supply, for example, PetroChina, CNOOC production racks, seaside lighthouses, the latter part of the maintenance costs are larger.Now we do have left this product port The new product is being developed. "

"With LED lamps quickly and fully occupy the market, the future LED emergency power supply will be on the wind, the future trend should be more intelligent development." Huaneng Lighting Chen Jian said.

Three hung Aurora R & D Center Manager Mo Hongyong that the LED emergency power supply in the future will be more intelligent. "The direction of LED emergency power supply will be more intelligent with the maturity of intelligent technology. In the field of LED emergency power supply, we will pay more attention to the impact of technologies such as the Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud computing on our emergency power supply application. Function to achieve emergency power in each emergency in the future to achieve a more secure, efficient and intelligent effect, but also through cloud computing and other technologies, in the event of an emergency before the rapid response power to achieve precise warning and accident prevention occur."

Emergency power supply system has become the visible wisdom of the future, as the most important part of the product value chain links. Real-time monitoring, early prevention, intelligent system stereo perception of power status, location and other information, and through the perception of data aggregation, analysis and processing, can promote the city's key systems of harmonious and efficient operation.

Each light technology revolution, have brought new opportunities, derived from the new market structure. The worldwide market for smart city solutions is projected to grow 13% annually over the next ten years - from less than $ 13 billion in 2017 to $ 28 billion in 2033 (projected). The power of technology and innovation more and more deeply affects all aspects of the LED industry. The opportunities for intelligent power supply for emergency power supply are highlighted.

Article from - semiconductor lighting network

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