LED comment: A lot landscape lighting, eliminate lighting monotony

From the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, the Beijing International Cooperation Forum on the Belt and Road and some important international conferences and activities in Xiamen, such as the BRIC 5 Summit and the Winter Olympics, the landscape lighting projects in China are also blooming and blooming again and again The world's guests, to promote economic prosperity of the city night, but also touched and enrich the cultural life of urban residents.

It is understood that only the G20 Hangzhou Summit held during the city of Hangzhou landscape lighting project investment close to 1 billion yuan. However, after the G20 summit in Hangzhou, the international reputation of the city has been greatly improved. The transformation of the landscape through the city's overall landscape lighting has also promoted the development of urban night-travel economy. By the G20 summit of Hangzhou landscape lighting to enhance the impact of just six months and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Changsha, Xi'an, Hohhot, Xiangtan, Wuhai, Hanzhong, Yumen and other cities to join the city landscape lighting And to upgrade the project, a single contract amount of millions to 100 million yuan range.


Some people say that nowadays all local governments are actively transforming and planning urban landscape lighting project, and the project is below half a million levels. And a city more willing to invest than a city, hundreds of millions of level projects have been commonplace.


Data show that in 2016 China's market landscape lighting market reached 55.8 billion yuan, is expected in 2017 China landscape lighting market will reach 67.8 billion yuan, an increase of 21.5%, China has become the world's largest landscape lighting market.


In the face of the attractive landscape lighting market, one after another launched the city landscape lighting project, moving tens of millions of up to several hundred million, saw its market potential and profit margins, a direct result of many enterprises to participate in the layout landscape lighting market . Yesterday, I learned in the city public space light show seminar, the current landscape lighting market has really attracted a large number of unprofessional companies directly involved, but also saw that they did a number of projects, there are successful but most are still There are some problems.


Since landscape lighting mainly serves the public lighting area, the life experience related to urban residents can even embody the urban cultural style and become one of the major labels of the city. Therefore, landscape lighting projects must be approved by the government and governed by the government. Especially in the top planning and design of the project, project construction and reliability, project operation and commissioning and post-operation and maintenance needs to be taken seriously. If tens of millions or even billions of landscape lighting projects are bid through "low bidding" or unprofessional companies, the preliminary investigation and planning are not good and can not be achieved in one step, which will result in the waste of resources and the failure of the project.


Many cities blindly launched urban landscape lighting projects, applying other city Lianghua projects, non-standard, unprofessional, does not meet the urban development, resulting in one side of the city, resulting in just to light and bright, just to "light up the city," often , Only focus on energy saving, ignoring the top of the city landscape design and planning, landscape lighting project construction planning is not uniform, uncoordinated, discordant, it is unsuccessful. But also because of a large area of light, causing serious light pollution in the city, bringing adverse effects on the lives of urban residents.


Landscape lighting, urban public architectural lighting, tourist attractions and other projects as a city beautification project, in addition to focusing on energy-saving lamps and lanterns, but also to care about residents living and visiting city tourists. Should focus on the project in line with local conditions, novelty, diversity, to avoid the project side of the city.


With the continuous improvement of LED lighting technology, urban landscape lighting project also pay more attention to project intelligence, urban landscape lighting project more humane and interactive. At the same time, the construction of urban landscape lighting project is not accomplished in a single step, but also professional quality testing of the lamps and equipment used in the project should be responsible for the quality of the project and be responsible for the subsequent operation and maintenance. Through stringent market access standards and management and control mechanisms, we strictly control the quality of landscape lighting projects and put an end to the indiscriminate deployment of urban landscape projects, resulting in a waste of resources and further enhancing the overall quality of urban landscape projects in China.


Intelligent control, Internet of Things control platform can not only beautify the environment, enhance the project perception, but also through the intelligent dimming to avoid homogenization of color, to maintain the freshness of landscape lighting. Furthermore, landscape projects can be more effective and diversified, but also consider regular upgrades to eliminate the stereotyped projects, thousands of cities side.

Source: China Semiconductor Lighting Network

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