Leading intelligent LED lighting led the market into a new times of smart home

Domestic intelligent lighting has been hot in the field of LED lighting for many years. However, in the past few years, smart lighting is mostly "thunder and rain", mainly reflected in the domestic smart lighting industry has not yet formed a certain scale, the market is less receptive, smart lighting technology is not mature and other issues. By 2017, this situation has been greatly improved, smart lighting is no longer "tepid" intelligent lighting standing at the outlet even more "unlimited money."

Into the LED times, LED technology continues to upgrade and the market continues to expand in recent years, LED lighting industry has shown rapid growth. Both LED lighting companies or distributors, have tasted the LED lighting industry in the past few years the growth of "sweetness." At the same time, with the rise of the electronic properties of the LED industry, but also to switch the electrical industry to enhance the relevance of the development of electrical industry which has advantages. For example, SOK introduced a series of LED lighting and lighting products such as LED bulb, LED ceiling lamp, LED T5 one bracket, LED downlight, LED lamp belt and LED spotlight.

However, in recent years, due to the low access threshold for LED lighting electrician industry, more and more people pour into the LED lighting industry to share a piece of cake. The LED lighting electrician industry has also emerged from the "huge profits" of the past to the present " Product Boli "" bleak market "and other conditions. Big lighting visited the front-line market informed that many LED lighting electrician dealers lament, "business is difficult to do."

In this context, LED lighting electrical industry distributors from which areas to break the development dilemma? Who will be LED lighting electrical industry "savior"?

Recall the past few years, "smart" word became the LED lighting industry heated discussion of the word. Many LED lighting electrician enterprises have "test the water" smart areas, dealers are also beginning to pay attention to "smart products" and its market demand, profitability, the majority of LED lighting manufacturers seem to "sniff" to smart lighting (home) beautiful " Money "King. Although LED lighting electrician efforts to explore and try, but the performance of the more prominent intelligent lighting (home) enterprises did not appear, intelligent lighting (home) market popularity is not satisfactory. But the good news is that into 2017, the situation has changed, people see: intelligent lighting (home) already stand on the pinnacle, waiting for soar!

Admittedly, after years of exploration and experimentation, LED lighting intelligent control technology continues to progress, the switch and other electrical products also began to show extraordinary intelligence. Smart lighting (Home) As a start-up, today's market acceptance is the most noticeable. Such as Jin Li's brand - SOK, since its inception rapid sales growth, the current marketing network has covered all provinces and cities nationwide, and major cities in the country have set up stores, key cities with flagship stores. And by the Chinese electrician top ten leading brand and dealer value of the most cooperative brand award.

Smart lighting as an integral part of smart home, similar to the concept of smart home, has been explored over the years. Although many companies actively involved, but intelligent lighting (home) in practical applications, is still in its infancy. At the same time, in the discussion and promotion of manufacturers, despite the emergence of smart lighting (home) products in the market, but its market acceptance still needs to be improved. Prior to this, the lighting of the national LED lighting dealer survey data show that intelligent lighting (home) market acceptance of "quite good" only 24% of the proportion that "less than satisfactory" distributor ratio of 38%, as well as 38% of distributors bluntly "smart lighting (home) market acceptance 'less than ideal.'

Smart lighting (home) market acceptance is not high, of which the reasons are:

1. smart lighting (home) technology is not mature enough;


2. intelligent lighting (home) market is not enough;


3. smart lighting (home) product prices generally high;


4. smart lighting (home) market promotion is not enough.

Among them, again "the technology is not mature enough" and "not enough market cultivation" has become the smart lighting (home) product popularity of the most difficult. In other words, the technical sophistication of smart lighting (home) businesses and the low awareness of social users of smart lighting (home) products have made it an immature and difficult-to-populate smart lighting (home) industry in the past few years.

A network from Tencent appliances survey showed that up to 95.19% of users said they are interested in smart home. However, if users let themselves describe "what kind of life is called smart home life", in fact, many people have no way to make it clear. In fact, this is also true in the smart lighting industry. At the same time, the technology of smart lighting enterprise is immature, making the smart lighting (home) products only stay in the stage of "pseudo-intelligence" of simple dimming and color toning, and users can not really understand the so-called smart lighting.

Market acceptance of smart lighting products is not satisfactory, but at the same time, the market demand is also continuing to expand. According to the market research analysis released by MarketsandMarkets, a global market research consultancy, the total smart lighting market is expected to reach $ 8.14 billion by 2020 with a CAGR of 22.07% between 2015 and 2020. It is foreseeable that the future smart lighting (home) market share remains to be further developed.

To this end, over the years, the vast number of enterprises to concentrate on intelligent lighting technology, and actively cultivate intelligent lighting market and enhance the user's intelligent lighting experience, dealers and smart lighting (home) products, recognition and acceptance are also gradually increased. Today, such as Huawei, Haier, millet and other cross-cutting brands into the field of intelligent lighting, geese, Op, NVC, Jinli and other strength lighting electrician brand intelligent lighting (home) performance more and more prominent. Such as Jinli's two strength brands - Manco and SOK, have been involved in the field of intelligent lighting. In the year of 2008, MANCO entered the LED lighting industry in a large scale and continued the tradition of "model of electrical value" in the following year. Through technological innovation, it continuously improves its quality, reduces its cost and serves the society.

Industry veterans said the smart lighting gradually matures, mainly reflected in two aspects: 1, cross-border cooperation, smart lighting technology to mature, there are more possibilities in the field of intelligence; 2, the majority of LED lighting dealers began to pay attention to intelligent lighting Home), and even gradually try to upgrade, hoping to profit through smart lighting.

First of all, in the smart lighting business level, the majority of enterprises are actively transitioning to smart lighting (home). In 2015, the State Council issued "Made in China 2025", which clearly states that the overall planning and promotion of smart lighting appliances and other products should be planned and industrialized. This indicates that smart lighting (home) will usher in "Blue Ocean."

In 2017, "Internet +" also quickly became a tool for the transformation and upgrading of the LED lighting electrician industry. At the same time, transnational giants such as Huawei, Haier, Midea and Xiaomi cut into the field of smart lighting (home) under the huge market potential and attracted A lot of capital and innovative technology, intelligent lighting (home) quickly matured.

In addition, the LED lighting industry, Hongyan, Op, NVC, Sanxiong Aurora, Jinli and other traditional giants actively layout intelligent lighting (home) industry, these enterprises in the original advantages of LED lighting electrician, more focused on intelligent lighting technology R & D, and now has stood in the forefront of smart lighting (home) development.

Second, in the terminal sales market, dealers began to recognize the development prospects of intelligent lighting, and try to upgrade. According to data from the market research of smart lighting (home) in Greater China, more than 67% of the distributors of LED lighting electrician begin to consider the agency and sales of intelligent lighting (home) products, and express their willingness to further contact and understand such enterprises as Hongyan Electric and Op Lighting Intelligent lighting (home) products. Many LED lighting distributors are already aware of the importance of smart lighting (home), or even "urgent business urgency," I hope both companies can work together smart lighting products market promotion and popularization. Such as SOK gradually smart home with its LED products, the introduction of smart home series, Haoyue series, elegant series, L9 Range Rover series, V2.0 series, V2.1 series.

In the smart lighting (home) national market research, Xue Oudu, chairman of Jiangsu Europe to send lighting, said he was willing to further contact with smart lighting (home) products, but due to immature technology, smart lighting products are also difficult to sell well. Gu Ting Huan, chairman of Jiangsu Laoting lighting introduction, the current intelligent lighting (home) market acceptance is not high, businesses should proceed from the fundamental knowledge. Cao Yan, general manager of Jiangsu Yancheng Siemens Electric believes that the current business of intelligent lighting (home) this piece did not pay too much attention to intelligent lighting (home) may be consumers like the future, but the current consumer acceptance is not high, there are still many The problem requires the media and business to help popularize.

Intelligent lighting (home) industry or has gradually entered the "fast lane of development", which China many lighting electrician giant enterprises play a leading role. In the future, no matter enterprises or distributors, there will be more development opportunities and space in the field of intelligent lighting (home).

Article from China Semiconductor Lighting Network

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