IoT lights life, street lights are becoming more intelligent

Currently, the Internet of Things is already well-known vocabulary. In addition to car networking, smart city, industrial Internet applications such as this industry, the Internet of things in our life has begun to play a new role, IoT farming, unattended restaurants, smart street lights, smart trash and other ground-air applications springing up Appear like ...

Unattended restaurant

Not long ago, Hangzhou's first "unmanned intelligent restaurant" officially opened up, causing the industry's attention. At this restaurant, you can not see the waiter. During the entire meal, consumers are not "self-help" whether they are queuing, ordering meals or taking meals.

There is no waiter in the lobby of the restaurant. When ordering, consumers only need to order food in the automatic ordering system in the restaurant. After the payment is completed, they can obtain the food they purchased in the buffet dining area.

From a technical point of view, Wisdom Restaurant is an intelligent management system tailored to food and beverage outlets based on Internet of Things and cloud computing technologies. Through its customers' free ordering system, service call system, interactive kitchen system, front cashier system, Systems and information management systems can significantly save labor, reduce operating costs and improve management performance.

It is worth mentioning that, as a manifestation of wisdom, this restaurant can identify and analyze consumers based on the user's previous consumer records, the system can analyze consumer tastes, when the user enters the store again, the system According to the preferences of users dishes and the right to recommend information.

In other words, the smart restaurant is not only unmanned operation, more importantly, to continuously improve service quality, allowing users to continuously optimize the consumption experience.

Internet of Things fish

Ding Lei IoT pigs, while others use the Internet of things to fish.

Whether it is raising pigs, raising fish or raising chickens or raising cattle, the role played by the Internet of things is similar - based on technology such as Internet of Things, intelligent farming, raising fine management of farming and raising the quality and quality of agricultural products .

Under the traditional farming model, farmers need to manually monitor the oxygen content of fish ponds, which means that inspection is required by hand, whether it is day or night, whether it is raining or snowing. This is undoubtedly a "burden" for farmers. With IoT, this situation will change radically. With sensors installed in the pond, farmers can monitor water quality in real-time on their App and even remotely control devices such as aerators. In addition, you can also achieve 24-hour monitoring capabilities, late-night if there are foreign personnel into the pond area, it will automatically alarm.

Obviously, the application of such IoT farming system can save a lot of manpower and material resources and reduce the cost of farmers. At the same time, the production of fish ponds has also been improved due to more scientific monitoring of the water quality of the ponds.

"Universal" street light

Street lighting is an indispensable urban infrastructure in our life. In many people's perception, the biggest use of street lighting is lighting, making our travel more convenient and safe. With the development of Internet of Things technology, street lamps are being given more mission, which not only can give us lead lighting, but also can charge pile and have air testing, information dissemination and other functions.

In Chongqing Yubei Xiantao Data Valley, people can see the wisdom of street lamps, these street lamps can not only charge electric vehicles, with built-in sensors on the street, but also real-time acquisition of a variety of environmental data, including temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed , Noise, daily radiation and PM2.5 value. At the same time, with the help of the camera on the street, the city administration can also monitor the situation around the street in real time. In addition, the street lamp is also an information release terminal, not only can publish various types of city information, but also can release advertising information, very powerful.

In fact, many countries in the world have already explored the smart street lamp. With advanced network technology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the street lamp is becoming more intelligent and become a multi-functional intelligent terminal. In urban management and our Everyday life plays an increasingly important role.

Trash can "think"

If the trash can have "thinking" ability, our life will become like?

Today, the rise of Internet of Things technology, smart trash this emerging things began to walk into our lives. Smart trash, in short, is a new trash can with networking capabilities and built-in sensors and chips. Compared with the traditional trash can, the smart trash can is very tall and not only can sense the usage of the trash can, but also alert the cleaning staff to clean up when the trash reaches the warning position. At the same time, but also has the positioning function, through the background system, property management department can locate the location of trash can real-time. More importantly, intelligent trash can "think", through the analysis of the surrounding residents garbage data, the system can optimize the location of the trash within the region, to provide more convenience for people's lives.

Smart trash can also help people develop the habit of garbage classification. At present, some cities have witnessed smart garbage sorting boxes. Residents put classified and sorted rubbish into garbage sorting boxes. The rubbish sorting boxes automatically weigh the rubbish and bind them according to the type and weight of rubbish Information card into the corresponding points, these points can be used for shopping, which will help residents develop a habit of waste classification, and promote the development of environmental protection in China.

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