Intelligent street lighting system is a general platform for integrated perception and interaction

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Province, the Commission by the guidance of the letter, Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission, supported by Hangzhou Economic Commission, the National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance (CSA) and Zhejiang Solid State Lighting Industry Association co-sponsored, CSA Should be recommended by the Road Lighting Working Group, Intelligent Lighting Work Committee, Urban Landscape Lighting Working Group, LED Industry Association of Hangzhou contractors, the new joint network project, Maple Sun Ming, the strings of Things, Shanghai think twice, crystal day lighting, caused The theme of "CREATE ENERGY, ACCESS Power, Fangdazhi Control, Jibu Technology, Suzhou Nuoxi, Infotech Electronics co-sponsors the seminar on the application and promotion of LED lighting in China Road lighting landscape in Hangzhou Huashaoshan grand. Shanghai think twice Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Jiang Yuxi attended the meeting and shared wisdom of large-scale application of street lighting systems case.

Deputy Mayor Jiang Zhuoqing of Shanghai once said that actively exploring the comprehensive utilization of road lighting poles not only helps to reduce redundant construction of urban poles but also avoids the chaos of lofted poles on both sides of urban roads and effectively saves the urban surface and space resources , Actively promote the intensification of municipal construction, intelligent infrastructure, convenient public services and the refinement of urban management, and constantly improve the level of integrated urban management.

Jiang Yusi said: "The street lamp is a very good one, which can carry out the mounting and application of many smart city equipment.Wireless street lighting solutions and its significance, combined with the advantages of light pole site resources, focus Concerned about smart city innovation IOT application and economic profits.Wireless street lighting construction needs from multi-dimensional multi-dimensional comprehensive consideration of business needs, involving energy-saving lighting, wireless base stations, safe city, environmental monitoring, municipal supervision, charging pile, information dissemination, wisdom urban management, wisdom Traffic, Wisdom Gallery and so on. Wisdom Street Light System is a universal interactive platform for the perception and data acquisition of data.

The understanding of the wisdom of the lamp consists of three levels, as a lamp, you are a street lamp, itself is the lighting products, the first thing to do with this lamp, your light to do a good job, to your reliability. The second is a multi-function a composite pole, sensors, monitoring, etc. can be mounted using lampposts, as long as the use of our smart street lamp, the city where all the problems or pain points can be solved. The last level is a smart node, this node actually said that I am a collection of nodes, but also an implementation of the node. In fact, a lot of wisdom is actually achieved in the background, not necessarily in the foreground, the foreground may just do some control of the strategy, or some of the judgments of some intelligence.

Later, he also introduced the think twice Hongshu County smart street lamp project, think twice using ZigBee wireless single lamp control mode, remote query, remote dimming, remote alarm; using ZigBee communication acquisition of distributed sensor information; use of Wisdom street lamp integrates LED information release screen, video surveillance, Wi-Fi coverage, RFID municipal facilities monitoring, emergency calls, sensor monitoring and charging of electric vehicles and other functions; network from the monitoring center to the smart street lamp using optical fiber connections and the formation of a private local area network . Beijing Zuoanmen Wisdom Street Light Project, Zhejiang Jiashan Da Yunhua Avenue Project, Anhui Wuhu Wisdom Street Light Project, Jiangxi Wuning Wisdom Street Light Project, Dongguan Wisdom Park Lighting, Hangzhou G20 Summit Supporting Project, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Light Project, etc. 

Article from China Semiconductor Lighting Network

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