India's solar roof slows 2022 target completion rate of less than 5%

According to the Indian Ministry of New Energy and Renewable Energy sources, at present, the installed capacity of rooftop solar energy in India is only 1.7 GW, compared with 40.25 GW in 2022 and the target completion rate is only 4.25%.

During the India National Solar Plan Review Conference in July 2017, the Commission concluded that the roof target was unrealistic and requested changes.

Similarly, Bridge to India, a consulting firm, said it is unlikely that 50% of its original target will be met by 2022.

Because of these and the surge in roofing facilities in the commercial and industrial sectors, the government is eager to support the installation of rooftop solar energy.

Roof leasing

At present, India's Ministry of New Energy and Renewable Energy is planning to introduce a roof rental policy. Under the Roof Lease policy, developers will be able to rent rooftop-installed solar power and generate electricity for rent and provide each home.

This policy was announced at a time when India introduced its net metering market policy across the country. In the case of "roof leasing", all responsibility for installation and repair will be the responsibility of the developer.

This policy is expected to bring a significant boost to the rooftop solar field. Despite the attractive financial incentives, the rooftop solar industry is still lagging behind national targets. As of August 2017, the rooftop solar capacity in India is only 1.7 GW.

100 GW target

According to the Indian government plan, by the end of March 2022, India will complete 100 GW of solar capacity, including 40 GW of roof solar energy. However, due to the current slow progress, the Indian government has begun to speed up the process to ensure that in the coming years to achieve this goal.

RK Singh, India's new energy and renewable energy minister, recently announced that the government will open a public bid for 77 GW of solar capacity by the end of March 2022.

Specifically, in fiscal year 2017-18, the government of India has already bid out 3.6 GW. In the next four months, the Indian government will bid for 3 GW, 3 GW, 5 GW and 6 GW respectively for a total of 17 GW.

In fiscal year 2018-19 and fiscal year 2019-20, the government of India will bid 30 GW separately. So far, until March 31, 2020, the Indian government will bid for 77 GW of solar power. The successful developers will be online before the end of March 2022 all projects.

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