How to develop Iran's huge potential for lighting market?

Currently the Iranian market for the application of LED is still in its infancy, welcomed the arrival of Chinese enterprises, and hope that in-depth cooperation with Chinese enterprises.

1.Many infrastructure,huge demand of lighting products 

The investment in infrastructures in the Middle East has been greatly invested and huge purchasing power has been formed. As a result, the market demand for lighting products has also increased substantially.

As an important export market for China's lighting products in the Middle East, Iran has vigorously developed infrastructure in recent years. The streets of Iran, everywhere you can see the skyscrapers under construction, many of them luxury hotels and large shopping district, increasing demand for lighting products.

2.Enhanced environmental awareness, lighting products are facing restructuring

As a large oil and gas powerhouse, the middle class occupies a large proportion of Iran, each family has at least one car, resulting in poor local air quality, making the Iranians are increasingly paying attention to a low-carbon energy-saving lifestyle.

Energy conservation and environmental protection awareness, prompting Iran's lighting products transformation. At present, the penetration rate of LED lighting in the Iranian market is gradually increasing, but most of the energy-saving lamp products are currently in use. Some of the local shopping district and hotel offices have begun to replace LED products.

3.Lighting products less independent production, mainly to assembly

It is understood that Iran's lighting products manufacturing plant is very small, basically not in the local production of accessories. The main mode of production is from China, Turkey and other countries import lighting accessories to the local processing factory assembly. Processing factories are mainly concentrated in the two major cities of Mashad and Tabriz.

4.Great potential of lighting market 

According to customs data, in 2015, China's export of LED lighting products to Iran was 86.19 million U.S. dollars, down 11.4% over the same period of 2014. In 2015, the number of Iranian LED lighting products exported to China was 39.31 million pieces (pieces only), representing an increase of 77.7% over 2014. From the export volume and unit price analysis, China's exports of Iran's LED lighting products in 2015 showed an overall increase in the amount of price increases, the market remains to be developed.

5.China-Iraq cooperation deepened and cooperation set up factories

It is learned that in order to attract foreign investment, the Iranian local government is preparing to build a lighting product factory in Tehran so that foreign lighting products can be stored. At the same time, the government has provided more diversified and convenient services for foreign investment and is committed to helping the Chinese and Iranian enterprises to set up factories and apply for business licenses. With the construction and development of "Belt and Road", the two countries have gradually deepened their cooperation. For Chinese LED companies, this is a rare opportunity.

In 2017, the 25th International Lighting Exhibition in Iran, as the oldest lamp show in the local history, received the strong support of the Iranian government and the Lighting Association. Iran's lighting industry is in the state of incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. In the past, sanctions were imposed on Turkey and Dubai. Among them, Turkey exported lanterns and energy-saving lamps, and engineering lamps were exported from Dubai. There are 300-500 lighting production enterprises in the country, producing indoor lighting Most lanterns and chandeliers, most of the hardware and accessories imported from China, Iranian local families for lighting generally lanterns and chandeliers, middle-class family with crystal chandeliers, mostly decorative, LED lighting for engineering applications such as hotels, shopping malls Class, mostly for the old models of old products.

The exhibition co-organizers for Iran Lighting Association, the Iranian Lighting Association Exhibition Purpose In order to understand the latest lighting products in the world, the latest technology to enhance local lighting technology to promote Iran's domestic lighting product updates, but also for the international exhibitors provide mutual Exchange platform. The Iranian Trade Promotion Association participated in the co-operation of the exhibition. The Iranian Trade Promotion Council mainly engaged in attracting investment, promoting trade, introducing foreign-funded enterprises, assisting Iranian enterprises in developing foreign markets and enhancing their international competitiveness, and organizing foreign trade delegations to inspect the Iranian market , Promote bilateral trade cooperation.

The last exhibition opened ten exhibition halls, compared to 2016 an increase of three museums, this total of 246 exhibitors. Exhibition area of 25,000 square meters. All local companies to large-scale special equipment on display. About 50 Chinese enterprises. The basic products to LED business license, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting-based, part of the special booth display. The exhibition was strongly concerned by the Iranian Lighting Association, local officials in conjunction with local lighting entrepreneurs visited some of China's booth. Local officials said: China's LED products in the world has a pivotal position. The arrival of China's lighting enterprises has a positive and long-term impact on the development of Iran's lighting industry.

Currently the Iranian market for the application of LED is still in its infancy, welcomed the arrival of Chinese enterprises, and hope that in-depth cooperation with Chinese enterprises. Establish stable trade contacts, technical exchanges and cooperation and product innovation application solutions.

Article from - Semiconductor Lighting Network

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