Harbin City Smart Streetlight “Look at Tianer” Automatic “Switch”

Recently, the street lighting management department of the Harbin City Housing and Construction Commission used the newly established “smart street lamp” information system to deliver electricity ahead of schedule in the evening when visibility was low, and to turn off the lights in the morning to increase visibility on the road. At present, this "smart street lamp" information system has covered most of the street in Harbin.

Last year, the Harbin City Housing and Construction Commission street lamp management department used the modern technology such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing to create a smart street lamp information system with remote control, real-time monitoring, and fault alarm functions. The relevant person in charge of the Harbin City Housing and Construction Committee told the journalists that the system started the emergency lighting strategy by automatically detecting the light level through a light sensor placed on the street light.

In addition to the low visibility, it can automatically realize the early power transmission in the evening and delay the lights off in the morning. This system also includes the geographic and meteorological factors such as latitude, longitude, etc. in Harbin City. Under normal weather conditions, the daily opening and closing time of street lamp is different according to sunshine conditions. , About two minutes before and after the difference of about two days, more than in the past winter and summer "one size fits all" type of opening and closing light time more scientific and more human.

Starting from the 5th, the Municipal Housing and Construction Commission organized the city street light management department to carry out the “Chunchun” action. At the same time, a comprehensive survey and timely repair of street lamp cable inspection wells was conducted to ensure that the equipment in good condition and lighting rate reached the standard. After centralized rectification, the lighting rate of the street in the main urban area of the city has reached 99%. In the next step, Harbin will speed up the upgrading of urban lighting infrastructure, tap the potential of urban lighting, comprehensively improve the intelligent management of street lamps, and strive to make Harbin a smart city of lighting.

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