Guangzhou Development Zone newly opened "block chain 10"

What is the biggest net red in the economy?  —— Blockchain!

Blockchain, this "brain burning" term is entering the public view. It is sweeping the trend to start the financial, credit, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing and other areas of subversion, known as the second half of the Internet to open.

such as--

In the upcoming "Yellow Horse" on Sunday, the participants received a smart bracelet, which is a combination of blockchain technology and marathon events. From the beginning to the end, with the help of smart bracelet, player information will be recorded all the way, registered on the chain, no one can tamper with.

Also early next year, the district will open three "block chain parking", a total of more than 3,000 parking spaces, bringing 2.0 version of the shared economy.

In the future, as the core area of Guangzhou International Science and Technology Innovation Hub, GDDZ will form a brand-new blockchain industrial ecology with diversified services, complete services and novel mechanisms. The output value of the industry will exceed 10 billion yuan in 2018.

In order to develop and expand the blockchain industry, GDZ has promulgated the "Blockchain 10" (that is, "Guangzhou Development Zone, Guangzhou Development Zone to promote blockchain industry development approach"), which is following the four "Gold 10" Industrial Development Policy, "Mei-yu 10" Talents and Intellectual Property Policy, "Venture 10" policy, "Jin Xiang Yu" policy system is another major positive good.

At the second development conference of China's blockchain technology and industry development forum and the round-table conference of blockchain industry development held today, "10 blockchains" were highly concerned and appreciated by the participants in the industry.

The round-table conference on the development of the blockchain industry held this afternoon is the first activity of GDD to build the "Industry Development Roundtable" brand. Guangzhou Development Zone excellent blockchain development environment has attracted many blockchain innovation big coffee attention.

Interpretation for you "Blockchain 10"

First, each year 200 million yuan financial investment real money to support the development of blockchain industry

"Blockchain 10" policy around the introduction of blockchain enterprises and the late development of multi-angle support. From the beginning of the blockchain enterprises in the Guangzhou Development Zone, registered incentives to the blockchain enterprises to attract talent, revenue growth, the application of blockchain technology scene, office space, bank loans and other aspects of the business growth crucial It is estimated that an annual increase of about 200 million yuan in financial input will be made.

At the same time, enterprises or research institutes building block chain technology laboratory, Engineering (Technology) Research Center, Enterprise Technology Center, a new type of R & D institutions and other innovative platforms were identified at different levels of incentives, to develop blockchain industry-related standards To be different levels of reward. A total of 10 the entire policy, concise, the core provisions include the following seven aspects:

1. Cultivate rewards

(1) For new established blockchain enterprises or institutions, paying 10 million yuan of registered capital, 10% of the paid-up capital shall be rewarded within 3 years from the date of registration. Each enterprise or institution The cumulative maximum reward 1000000 yuan, and one-time grant 300000 yuan introduction of subsidies for technical personnel.

(2) For those industrial associations settled in the identified area of blockchain in the district and registered at the functional departments of state, provincial and municipal governments in accordance with the law, they shall be given annual activities of 1 million yuan, 600,000 yuan and 400,000 yuan respectively Subsidy.

(3) If the above-mentioned enterprises or institutions settle in the blockchain innovation base, blockchain building, blockchain industrial park, rented office space and own use identified in this zone, within 3 years from the renting of office space, each enterprise Give up to 1,000 square meters and a maximum of 60 million rent subsidies; and one-time grant of 30% renovation costs subsidies, the maximum subsidy of 1 million yuan.

2. Growth awards

(1) The annual revenue of the identified blockchain enterprises or institutions has reached more than 2 million yuan and an increase of over 100% over the same period of last year, and 500,000 yuan of technical talents are subsidized each year.

(2) For the first time, if the annual business income of a blockchain business or institution reaches 5 million yuan, 20 million yuan or more for the first time, they shall be rewarded with 500,000 yuan, 1,000,000 yuan and 5,000,000 yuan respectively, and the same enterprise According to the way to make up the difference of up to 5 million reward.

(3) Respectively, block enterprises or institutions that have been nurtured and recognized by national hi-tech enterprises shall be given a reward of 100,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan respectively (excluding higher-level subsidies).

(4) In the domestic and foreign capital markets, the new board listed, were given 5 million yuan, up to 2 million yuan reward (excluding higher subsidies).

3. Platform reward

(1) Give 1 million yuan rewards to the public at the provincial level, such as the block chain trading center, testing center, data center, storage center and other public platforms that have acquired relevant qualifications.

(2) To obtain innovative platforms such as the Key Laboratory of Blockchain Technology, Engineering (Technology) Research Center, Enterprise Technology Center and New R & D Institute which are recognized by the state, provincial and municipal levels, and give them a total investment of 5 million yuan, 3 million yuan , 100 million reward.

(3) Give a reward of one million yuan, one hundred thousand yuan and one hundred fifty thousand yuan for each blockchain (incubator) that has obtained the national, provincial and municipal recognition of blockchain, and introduce more than five recognized districts Block chain enterprises or institutions, according to each introduced a 50,000 yuan reward, the highest award of 1 million yuan per year.

(4) We will promote the construction of the digital economy demonstration zone in blockchain, and grant the operating management agency a 3-year operating subsidy to the identified blockchain innovation base, blockchain building and blockchain industrial park with a maximum annual subsidy of 1 million yuan.

4. Apply rewards

Encourage the application demand-oriented to speed up the application of blockchain + application scenarios in this area, increase financial input, implement the special plan for the application of blockchain, and adopt phased appraisal and disbursement methods, focusing on supporting 10 blockchain each year Application scenarios, each project up to 3 million yuan.

5. Technical awards

(1) Enterprises or institutions that have been listed in the top 3 in terms of their participation in the preparation of international, national, industrial and local blockchain technologies and their application standards (norms) shall be given one million yuan, 500,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan and 100,000 respectively RMB one-time reward, each year, each state enterprises, industry, local standards (norms) the highest reward 1000000 yuan.

(2) Supporting 100%, 70% and 50% of the blockchain projects and rewards funded by the state, provincial and municipal projects, respectively, with the support of funds at a maximum of not more than 5 million yuan respectively, 3000000 yuan, 1000000 yuan.

6. Financial support

(1) The bank loans obtained by the blockchain enterprises through commercial banks or financing guarantee shall be fully subsidized by loan interest and guarantee fees. Each year, the subsidy amount of each enterprise is up to 500,000 yuan and the subsidy period is 3 years.

(2) To the blockchain companies that have obtained the venture capital investment for the first time in seed and start-up periods, 10% of the actual investment amount will be rewarded, and each enterprise will receive a maximum reward of 1 million yuan.

7. Activities subsidies

To undertake international and national blockchain seminars, forums and other high-level exchange meetings, the record was found, giving up to 1 million subsidy.

Second, Guangzhou Development Zone set off a new wave of blockchain digital economy

Blockchain technology has become a force of scientific and technological innovation can not be ignored. This year, in the first year of the application of the blockchain, GDD has taken the lead in the digital economy revolution. According to the information of the 11th Party Congress in Guangzhou, a strategic plan of "implementing major technological breakthroughs and developing cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain" was put forward. Guangzhou Development Zone took the lead in promoting the establishment of Guangzhou Blockchain Industry Association in July 10 Month "10 +2" block chain industry focused on signing the project settled in order to bring a new perspective for economic growth.

1. Set up Guangdong's first blockchain association

July 28, the province's first blockchain Association - Guangzhou Blockchain Industry Association was established in Guangzhou Development Zone enterprises, extending both inside and outside the province, covering Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area. Guangzhou City Block Chain Industry Association will be the blockchain as a leader to further expand the scale of development and industry, around the industry chain upstream and downstream and industrial ecosystem, to create a four network, Internet of things, the value of sharing a new generation of information technology industry Park.

2. Block key projects focused on signing

On October 10, Guangzhou Development Zone held a concentration of key projects in the block chain signing activity. The first batch of 2 block chain industrial innovation base platform and 10 block chain key projects focused on signing.

3. Two blockchain industry innovation base platform

(1) The headquarters building of Blockchase Blockchain, the first blockchain headquarters building in the province with a building area of 61307 square meters, is oriented to support business incubators in the blockchain and focuses on building a blockchain innovation base to gather hatching areas and blocks Chain digital economy science and technology new park.

(2) Antmy Blockchain Creates space - the first blockchain in the province Creates a space of 56000 square meters with a total construction area of 56000 square meters, builds a four-dimensional ecological model of "teaching + creating + hatching + investment" and strives to build the most technologically Content and characteristics of a landmark blockchain professional public space.

4.10 blockchain key projects

Covering the "blockchain +" demonstration of the financial, logistics, government affairs, industrial internet, internet of things, transportation, education and other scenarios, including the "blockchain + logistics supply chain" platform project, the "blockchain + equity registration" , "Blockchain plus government" solutions and system development projects, "Blockchain + Smart Parking" demonstration projects, "Blockchain + Storage" blockchain core technology projects, "Blockchain + Credit" assets Management and credit integral system project, "blockchain + education" platform project, "blockchain + IOT" technology development project, "blockchain + logistics traceability" project and issue the province's first blockchain venture capital private placement Fund and so on.

5. The province's first blockchain investment fund


This is the first venture capital private equity investment fund in the province dedicated to the blockchain industry. It is issued under the guidance of Guangzhou Blockchain Industry Association with a scale of 200 million yuan, and will lead the government and Social capital is about 5 billion yuan, with a focus on research and development in blockchain technology and related fields, blockchain + internet of things, blockchain + artificial intelligence, blockchain + biomedicine, blockchain + digital creative property rights and other innovative technology companies , Accelerate the blockchain technology research and development and practical application.

6. Blockchain applications

Blockchain is one of the hot technologies of the moment. Is also a more profound subject, the block chain is derived from the Internet technology, blockchain is a distributed shared accounting technology, formed by a number of nodes involved in joint maintenance, with a unified consensus mechanism to protect, can not be tampered with A database of sequential encrypted accounts. Is not it a bit difficult to understand, cite two examples, you know what the blockchain is.

(1) yellow horse player score "one to one"

In recent years, the global marathon heating up, some foreign events broke for runners to participate in high-level events "brush qualifications", if the runner public, means that there is no event insurance claims, hold the transfer of legal liability and many other risks.

Blockchain technology will be unveiled at the upcoming 2017 Bauhinia Huangpu Marathon, with the player's performance "one to one." From the beginning to the end, with the help of smart bracelet, player information will be recorded all the way, registered on the chain, no one can tamper with.

Yellow horse contestants try on the bracelet

This is based on blockchain technology identity system, using it can not be tampered with, irreversible features, to ensure that the information is true and effective.

Once the rapid application of "blockchain + credit information", it is foreseeable that the problems of traditional credit information industry such as asymmetric credit information, limited data collection channels and poor data privacy protection will be solved and the privacy of user data will be strengthened. Build consensus at low cost.

(2) using blockchain technology to crack parking difficult

On the one hand, the driver can not find the parking space, on the other hand, there is free parking space in the parking space. Such parking due to the asymmetric information will hardly be eased. Early next year, Guangzhou Development Zone will open three "block chain parking", a total of more than 3,000 parking spaces, bringing 2.0 version of the shared economy.

According to Hui Chi (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. General Manager Deng Mu said the company has developed a smart parking lot based on blockchain technology project. When the car park parking spaces vacant, the owner of the parking spaces can be free time "sell" to other drivers to achieve shared parking. "Selling time" can not only cash into money, you can cash into cinema tickets, coffee, snacks and so on. "We are open interface, willing to participate in the business can join, the shared economy can be very wide dimension."

Blockchain technology can ensure the identity of vehicle owners, vehicle safety, related costs, etc., can not be tampered with, cross-cutting sharing, to be more secure.

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