Gaoyou street lamps have wisdom “brains” to build smart towns

When night falls, street lights have become a beautiful landscape in the city. but. Have you ever wondered when the function of street lights is no longer limited to lighting, but it becomes more intelligent, such as in addition to acting as an LED display, covering Wi-Fi signals, but also for environmental monitoring, data monitoring, etc., it will make The construction of urban big data systems has become easier. At the end of March of this year, in the Jincheng Group's Chinese town in the Jurassic poetry, the first wisdom street lights created by Gaoyou Guangming Township have illuminated the night of the Miluo.

Gaoyou is a small town in northern Jiangsu Province, which is modern and classical. After the first light pole was born here more than 40 years ago, the dawn of the street lighting industry slowly lighted up this lighting water village. From the simple processing of street light fittings to the manufacture of street lighting products, and to the creation of street lamps, the Gaoyou street lamps form a complete chain of upstream and downstream products and the cooperation of upper and lower processes. Into this area, all kinds of lamps and lanterns manufacturing companies are everywhere, cars full of long and short pole lamps and lanterns flow endlessly.

Rely on scientific and technological innovation, improve the core competitiveness of products, seize the commanding heights of the market, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. On May 26, 2017, Jincheng Group and Gaoyou High-tech Zone formally signed a contract for constructing a 18 million yuan Guangming Small Town Project. As a result, the idea of rebuilding the Gaoyou lighting industry gradually became clear.

Relying on the lighting industry base of Gaoyou New District, Jincheng Group takes the smart street lamp as a fulcrum and deeply integrates into the Internet of Things to provide a smart street lighting system for smart cities. From the traditional street lamp industry to the smart street lamp to the transformation of a smart city, this is the route to the transformation of Gaoyou Guangming Township.

Today, the first batch of wisdom street lamps in Gaoyou Guangming Township has lightened the Chinese town of Hunan Miluo poetry. The custom version of the street lamp, which is shaped by classical blue and white porcelain elements, can provide lighting, monitoring, and LED display. On the LED display, the weather, traffic information, and scenic information of the poetry and Chinese towns are clear at a glance.

With the introduction of intelligent modules and the introduction of the Internet of Things technology, the "brain" of Gaoyou Street Light will be more intelligent.

Imagine: When you drive an electric car and you discover that you are running out of electricity, you park your car under a Gaoyou street light; open your phone's WiFi and you will be able to connect to the Internet for free; you can use the mobile app software to give Electric car reservation charge, convenient and quick. At the same time, this street light can also collect environmental data at any time, monitor roadside conditions and release city information.

With the formal establishment of the Gaozhi Guangming Small Town Smart City Industrial Park in August last year, Gaoyou Street Lights has begun to accelerate its deployment. With the policy dividends of urbanization and smart cities, it has captured the commanding heights of the market of billions of smart street lamps.

A few days ago, a Juniper Research survey showed that ordinary people can save 125 hours per year with the help of smart cities. Of course, the building of a “smart city” for the city and people’s lives is not just “faster”. How to manage people's consumption of resources is the meaning of the Internet of Things in the construction of smart cities.

It is aimed at the development direction of the Internet of Things. Jin Cheng’s practice in Guangming Town of Gaoyou has made the interconnection of numerous practical functions possible. Early in the construction and operation of featured towns, Jin Cheng took the database and standards and the establishment of terminals into the operation of the town to make an overall plan, which laid the foundation for the future application of the Internet of Things in the town.

Gaoyou Guangming Township uses intelligent streetlights as its fulcrum. While developing into a smart town, it is also injecting this “wisdom” into more other regions. When a small town and city become data, relying on intelligent matching can achieve industrial and regional transformation and upgrading.

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