Four major trends in the development of intelligent lighting

At present, the market for smart lighting is too small. In the future, driven by the active promotion of manufacturers and the trend of energy saving, as well as the increase of LED lamp applications and the development of the Internet and smart technologies, the global smart lighting will usher in a new development. The market will continue to grow. 

Global smart lighting market size

Data show that in 2013 the global smart lighting market industry scale of about 57.57 billion US dollars, of which lamps and related accessories market size of about 1.287 billion US dollars; 2015 global smart lighting market reached 7.83 billion US dollars, the growth is very rapid. In accordance with the current development momentum, is expected to reach 24.341 billion US dollars in 2020, of which the lighting and related accessories market size of about 87.1 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 5%, the compound annual growth rate of more than 20%.

2013-2020 global smart lighting market size and year-on-year changes (Unit: billion dollars,%)

Source: Forward Industry Research Institute, "Intelligent Lighting Industry Analysis Article"

From the perspective of the competitive landscape, the LED lighting market in the world has shown the distribution of echelon actively following the lead of the United States, Japan and Germany, followed by Taiwan, China and other countries and regions such as China and Malaysia. The future of smart lighting market distribution, there is great potential to maintain the current pattern.

Comparison of the world's major LED manufacturers

Source: Forward Industry Research Institute, "Intelligent Lighting Industry Analysis Article"

It is worth mentioning that in the industrial revitalization plan of our country, semiconductor lighting is also used as one of the key areas to promote traditional industries and nurture new industries, which provides an excellent opportunity for the development of intelligent lighting industry. In addition, China's economy continues to grow rapidly and the power supply situation is getting worse day by day. However, the intelligent lighting materials have the excellent performance of energy saving and long life, and are widely used. The intelligent lighting industry has a good space for development.

According to the market forecast of China's smart lighting industry from 2011 to 2016, it can be concluded that in 2022, the market size of China's smart lighting industry is about 43.1 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of about 23%.

2017-2022 Market Forecast of China's Smart Lighting Industry (Unit: 100 million yuan)

Source: Forward Industry Research Institute, "Intelligent Lighting Industry Analysis Article"

Global Smart Lighting Trends

According to analysis, the future of the global smart lighting industry will show the following four major trends.

First of all, brand integration will be a major trend of intelligent lighting. The biggest advantage of bringing different brands to one platform is the ability to bring together the best products from each brand into one project to improve the intelligence at home. In fact, there are many kinds of lighting products on the market, and it is unrealistic to require that all the equipments are the same manufacturer's products or that one system can only be used by all the products of the same manufacturer. Moreover, customers also lack the autonomy in performance and price - either entirely or entirely. A unified control platform can be well balanced between all parties, customers can choose any product, as long as it also meets the performance requirements, so that customers will have a great budget initiative.

Second, the future of intelligent lighting will shift from the development of purely intelligent functions to smart lighting that focuses more on human behavior. Based on the research of human behavior, visual function and visual physiology and psychology, the development of more scientific, people-oriented, efficient, comfortable and healthy intelligent lighting products will be the future development direction of lighting products.

Third, the development trend of personalized lighting. The combination of intelligent technology and lighting makes the lighting further satisfy the lighting needs of different individuals and different levels of groups and is an indispensable technical means for lighting to meet the needs of the average person and satisfy individual and individual needs. Therefore, the development of personalized lighting should also be a trend of intelligent lighting.

Finally, the trend of technology integration. The combination of new lighting sources such as smart technologies and electronic ballasts and lighting technologies will create a new platform for lighting technology that has applications ranging from smart home lighting to intelligent urban lighting, with immense promise and is creating a New high-tech and high-tech ideas of lighting culture.

Article from - Semiconductor Lighting Network

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