Energy saving effect is increasingly prominent, LED street lamp development present situation and trend analysis

Five thousand years of brilliant Chinese culture, whether it is the replacement of the dynasties, or personnel changes, all the time sought assiduously a generous kindness. Relevant data show that in the next few years, China's LED street lamp production capacity will continue to increase, but the growth rate relative to the previous few years will decline, more capacity is the future development of export markets abroad. MarkKenber, chief executive of Climate Group, said that with the growth of cities around the world, the number of street lamp is expected to reach 350 million by 2025.

LED street lamp technology development

The current launch of LED lights, product appearance, LED light-emitting particles arrangement and the number of rectifier circuit appearance and interior design variety. Such as: the number of different single-tube power, ranging from 1-5W; light distribution in different bat bats, rectangles, butterfly wings, etc .; optical processing methods have lens-free secondary optical processing and secondary optical processing ; Driver case has a dedicated driver chip IC and non-electrolytic capacitors; package situation is multi-chip package and single-chip package; technology line mode die, high power, integrated chip power, dot matrix high power.

Power assembly also comes with integrated two and external power supply, cooling technology also has its advantages and disadvantages, which are to universal operation and maintenance work has brought great inconvenience, nor is it in line with municipal public facilities standardization, universal design principles.

Optical design, heat dissipation is the main technical problems facing the LED lights. Although the research and development of high-power LED street lights is fast, there are different levels of low-wattage lumens, low secondary light efficiency, low light efficiency, fast light failure, short life span, color temperature deviation , Light color varies, the driver more fault and a series of problems. One of the secondary optical design, thermal design and power regulator system design and other major technical issues, is to improve the luminous efficiency and extend the life of the key. At present the LED radiation forms Lambertian, side shoot type, bat airfoil, rectangle, butterfly and spotlight several. Through the secondary optical design, making the LED light range, light curve in line with the needs of road lighting.

China LED road lighting market mainly rely on the procurement of government demonstration projects, the policy dependence is high. In addition to the LED street lamp itself and the cost of installation on its market-oriented, the sound market environment and mature business development model has become the market can maintain the healthy development of the key.

As the technology continues to mature, the energy-saving effect of LED street lights has become increasingly prominent. Especially, the intelligent control features of LED not only strengthen the advantages of LED street lights, but also greatly enhance the space saving of road lighting systems. Therefore, in the context of the current energy-saving emission reduction, all local governments to promote LED street lamp products.

Benefit from the procurement of key projects of the government, LED street light construction continues to promote such large-scale good factors, LED street lighting series index overall continued upward trend, greatly stimulating the LED street lamp lighting market.

LED lights have the greatest potential for development

In recent years, China LED street lamp market penetration (installation) continues to rise in 2011 over 7% in 2012 to 11%, 2013 LED lamp market penetration rate of about 19%. According to preliminary estimates, by 2015 China LED street lamp market size of about 230 billion yuan; China's LED road lighting products, the overall market penetration rate will exceed 45%, a huge market space.

After the "18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China", due to the promotion of new-type urbanization, urban lighting projects have blossomed across the country. The outdoor lighting has gradually shifted from the functional role to the decorative role. Outdoor lighting not only plays the role of lighting, but also played a beautification of the urban landscape.

In outdoor lighting, street lamps have the greatest potential for development. According to the National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance statistics research and development department statistics, in 2012, China's LED street lights in the amount of about 5000000, up 44.09% from the previous year, accounting for 14% of the total amount of street lamps in use. In 2013, the penetrating rate of LED street lamp in the domestic market reached more than 15%, making it the most representative lamp in popularizing and applying LED lighting in China.

Industry experts said that by 2015, LED street lamps will maintain a CAGR of about 50%. By 2015, the overall pencetration rate of LED lamps in road lighting (mainly street lamps and tunnel lamps) will reach 46% Over the next two years will add more than 30 million LED lights and tunnel lights. These positive expectations are LED lights to bring greater potential for development.

Emerging market wave of dress change

In the emerging markets such as India, Russia, Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia) and Australia, LED outdoor lighting related policies and refitting programs are gaining more and more attention. In addition, major cities in Australia, Argentina, Colombia and India have launched LED street lamp installation projects.

In the North American market, by the end of 2013, more than 600 cities in the United States had planned or planned to install LED street lights and New York City plans to replace 250,000 street lights by 2017. In addition, most of Canada's provinces and cities are also actively carrying out LED street lamp dress-up plan or carry out dress up incentive plan.

European lighting market is not much. European LED street lamps for the price of the relative sensitivity to other regions to low, but the quality requirements are quite stringent.

The longer-term goal of the Japanese government is the lighting engineering and infrastructure construction of the 2020 Olympics. At present, the relevant construction industry has been officially started. The plan is to introduce LED lighting and OLED lighting in this project to attract international attention. In addition, the signing of the "International Mercury Convention" will also bring new business opportunities in LED lighting.

LED lights show the following areas:

1. The overall environment of LED street lamps tends to be stable. However, due to many objective factors such as the change of government and anti-corruption, the progress of LED street lamps was obviously lower than expected this year, and the growth rate slowed down and the market became more and more sentimental. The market was more rational.

2. This year, LED street lamps have made great strides in overall illumination, uniformity and glare control. Due to the tightening market demand and the large base of LED street lamp manufacturers, the market competition is fierce. LED street lamp orders are mostly concentrated in large-scale enterprises . In the future LED street lamp manufacturers in addition to fight the quality is to fight the price, the pursuit of new economic growth point is also the goal of all LED street lamp manufacturers.

3. LED street lamp structural design changes, light source module into a new trend in the future. Previous monolithic and modular design had to be replaced once the lamp had a problem, but only after the modularization of the light source to replace the electronic control part, although from a single lamp point of view did not save costs, but the cost in the long run Lower.

4. Intelligent control system in the LED lights on the application gradually increased. Many domestic and foreign street lighting companies began to devote themselves to the research and development of intelligent LED street lights, such as GE and other international giants, Kingsun Optoelectronics, Microelectronics, Yang Fa and other domestic rising star. Intelligent LED street lamp can save 10% -20% energy in the original LED energy-saving technology. However, the stability of the intelligent LED street lamp system is insufficient, and the failure rate doubled compared with the original one. The control system may be worse than the lamp.

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