Electrical business team that we support achieved good results in the 2nd Chinese college students' cross-border e-commerce competition

The 2nd cross-border entrepreneurship innovation and entrepreneurship competition finals ended in Dongguan, Guangdong Province on June 15, with three grand prizes and a Our company participated in the competition for the first time, after fierce competition, we won the third prize together with the team of Lingnan College Department.

The competition was sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education, Dongguan Municipal People's Government, Tsinghua University National Service Outsourcing Institute of Human Resources and the National Cross-border Electric Business Circle Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored.The competition in the country set up 40 sub-Division, a total of 40 chambers of commerce, about 2,000 companies and more than 10,000 students participated. In the end, 278 participating teams from 40 sub-divisions across the country and about 800 contestants came to Dongguan for a showdown in the finals, total of 259 teams won the prizes.

The contest insisted on relying on the industry to organize competitions, the enterprise was actual contractor, with distinctive "public establish, crowdfunding, public win" feature.The contest abandoned the traditional way, and equired students to "go out of school to enter the business" to accept cross-border e-commerce business skills training. The students got training internships and competitions in the enterprise, in order to achieve the change from student to employee role in the competition.

The contest finals, series of summit forums, job fairs held over the same period, making competition for talent training and docking more pragmatic. It's introduced that during the finals more than 200 enterprises came to the scene,and nearly 3,000 participants applied for it.

The finals are the annual grand occasion of the cross-border e-commerce industry. The leaders of ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce, the leading leaders of the Dongguan municipal government, dozens of well-known domestic and foreign experts, representatives of more than 200 universities and colleges and teachers, more than 200 cross-border electricity supplier business representatives, dozens of representatives of industry chamber of commerce involved.

The teacher and students

(Wu Yongxiang students, Huang Houcheng students, Ding Chuhong teacher, Wei Lijun teacher, Zhang Peimin students, Zhou Jianwei students)

Guangzhou Yigang Eco-Technology Co.,Ltd

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The competition further promoted the development of cross-border e-commerce industry under the "One Belt and One Road" national strategy and drivened the upgrading,transformation of traditional manufacturing and foreign trade with the concept of "Internet +". Around the new policy of "public entrepreneurship and mass innovation",the competition created an innovative business platform for tens of thousands small, medium-sized cross-border e-commerce businesses and millions of college students.Our company attached great importance of the competition at the beginning of the event, sending deputy general manager Joffie Zhu, manager Taoning Ding as the guidance representative for the e-commerce team. They coordinated to complete of company's official website construction, optimization and promotion work.

Thanked you for the school team teachers and members participating in the project, also congratulated the excellent achievements.Looking forward to our company have more deep coperation with schools and get better results.

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