Eco-city smart street light pole voted for voice alarm in July this year

What can the city's lamp post do in addition to lighting? The smart light pole project that is about to start construction in the Eco-city will try to give an answer. In addition to the basic lighting functions such as light source color temperature control and single light brightness adjustment, the eco-city smart street light pole will also have display information release, traffic road condition monitoring, security monitoring, voice alarm help, Wi-Fi hotspot launch, air quality monitoring, There are 10 intelligent functions such as electric vehicle charging, public broadcast broadcasting, urban noise monitoring, and road water monitoring. The information gathered from the smart street light poles will be consolidated into the EcoCity operation center, providing real-time data for the “Smart Ecocity”.

The smart street lamp pole will be equipped with outdoor wireless network hotspots to provide high-speed and reliable wireless Wi-Fi access services around the light poles; electronic display screens can be used to publish advertising information and public service information, and its content can be controlled on a single screen. Screen linkage; configuration of spherical high-definition camera, can identify the intersection of face, car licenses, traffic violations, to provide effective support for traffic, security; configuration alarm system, passers-by encountered emergency situations can press the alarm button on the street lights, The alarmist can describe the alertness to the control center staff through the camera and the speaker, so that the operation and maintenance center can make judgments according to the site conditions; configure the network speaker to conduct public broadcasting through the light pole and facilitate the instant two-way voice of the operation and maintenance center and the site. Communication; reserved 5G interface, to provide the basic conditions for the popularization and application of 5G signals in the eco-city smart city.

The first group of ecological cities set up 379 groups of smart light poles, and built 4 demonstration roads of Zhongxin Avenue, Zhongsheng Avenue-Haibo Road, Zhongjin Avenue-Haixu Avenue and Anzheng Road in the early stage. All smart light poles will be installed in July this year.

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