Dutch local government set up "red light" street lamp for debate on protecting bats

Barnevend, a town in central Holland, recently replaced some of the street lights with red lights to protect the bats. This has aroused the opposition of local residents, on the grounds that the red light reminiscent of the "red light district" in Amsterdam.

Picture Insource:Kamiel Spoelstra / NIOO-KNAW

Barnett said the city government explained that in 2017 the results of a study by the Netherlands Institute of Ecology showed that bat eyes are too sensitive to blue and ultraviolet light and less sensitive to orange and red light. Their data concludes: "In order to reduce the negative effects of nighttime light on bats, avoid using white and green light in or near natural habitats, but red lights may be used if lighting is needed."


The new residential area just in the bats often haunt the route, in order to protect the animals to change the red. It is law that must take measures to protect these animals. "As a local authority, we have to follow the rules," a spokesman said.


Local residents said that the red light is terrible, just turned the home environment into a red light district. Residents also emphasize that red street lights can appear in Amsterdam, but not in Barnevard.

It is told that after being opposed by residents, Barnegir city government said it would discuss with the ecological organizations to find alternative solutions.

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