CSASLED Lighting Systems and Control Working Group Enlarged Meeting held in Tianjin

In order to further promote the standardization of the alliance, enhance the standardization ability of alliance members and improve the quality of standard technical documents. August 2 to 4, by the National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance (CSA), Tianjin Binhai New Area Science and Technology Commission, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone (Airport Economic Zone) hosted by the Administrative Committee, Tianjin semiconductor light source system technology innovation strategy Alliance, Tianjin University of Technology high-power semiconductor lighting applications Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center, Tianjin Port Bonded Zone (Airport Economic Zone) Technology Development Bureau, Shanghai Feile Audio Co., Ltd., Tianjin UniCom Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. contractors, the third generation Semiconductor Industry Technology Innovation Alliance strategic cooperation in the standardization of training and semiconductor lighting standardization Forum held in Tianjin Airport Baiyun Hotel.

On August 3, the National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance (CSA) Standardization Committee LED lighting system and control group to expand the meeting held in Tianjin, from Huawei, Shenzhen Chau Ming, Shanghai era of light, Hangzhou Maple Sun Ming, Hongyan Electric , Shanghai Feile Audio, Kingsun, OSRAM and other more than 30 units, nearly 50 delegates attended the meeting.

In line with the global trend of technology development in the Internet of Things, countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland and South Korea deploy or plan to deploy nationwide LoRa networks. Hundreds of cities are already running LoRa networks. Their services include smart parking, smart agriculture and field surveillance field. NB-IoT, in which Huawei holds a heavier voice, is even more rapidly promoting and popularizing. More and more cities have become NB-IoT pilots. With the strong support of Huawei, the three major carriers and other relevant professional fields, NB- IoT to the leapfrog development into all areas of residential life. The rapid development of LED lighting industry and its wide application, has begun to be a "smart carrier" infusion of "new life."

The standard enlargement conference invited Qi Fei, Standard Project Manager of Wireless Standard Department of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., to share the lecture of Intelligent Lighting System for Road Lighting Based on Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)

Qin Chaobo, director of Operation Center of Shenzhen Chau Ming Smart City, introduced the lecture of "Technical Standards and Construction Specifications Based on Smart Street Light Function Modules"

Zhuang Xiaobo, deputy director of the standard technology department of Shanghai Times Lighting Appliance Testing Co., Ltd, brought the lecture of "Acceptance Evaluation and Test Methods of Intelligent Road Lighting Project";

Huang Jianming, vice president of Hangzhou Maple Bright Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. introduced the "Road Lighting Control System Module Interface Requirements" lecture;

Huang Feng, famous Lighting senior manager introduced "CSA / TR005" low-voltage DC power supply intelligent lighting system, "Technical Draft Lecture";

Niu Yan Fang, project manager of Beijing Shenan Investment Group Co., Ltd. discussed the draft standard of CSA 046 "Technical Specifications for Visible Light Communication LED Lighting Products";

Wang Min, Associate Professor, Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Semiconductor Light Source System, Tianjin, China "Presentation on Intelligent Control System of" CSA 049 "Stage LED Lamps

The meeting discussed and approved 4 standard proposals, including: Huawei-led Intelligent Lighting System for Road Lighting Based on NB-IoT Technology; Shenzhen Wisdom Lighting Technology Module Technical Specifications and Construction Specifications led by Zhou Ming; Light of Shanghai Time Leading the "intelligent road lighting project acceptance evaluation and testing methods"; Hangzhou Maple Yongming led the "road lighting control terminal interface requirements."

As well as the draft of the three standards and technical articles have been initiated for discussion and solicitation of opinions: 1, CSA / TR 005 "Low-voltage DC power supply intelligent lighting system," the draft decision; 2, CSA 046 "for visible light communication LED lighting Product Specifications "draft standard; 3, CSA 049" stage LED lighting intelligent control system "draft standard.

Article from China Semiconductor Lighting Network

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