Consumer upgrade era--LED lighting companies only focus on product development, they will have a big future

With the continuous development of the lighting industry, price war has become an inevitable product of the market economy. The use of price weapons to seize the market, lighting has become an important means of marketing. Admittedly, the price war once was also a good competitive strategy. In the current moment when the overall profit of the industry is declining continuously, the disorderly price competition greatly reduces the awareness of innovation and reduces the enthusiasm of the enterprise, leading to the fact that the enterprises and even the industry The pathological development.


In recent years, the lighting industry has shown varying degrees of overcapacity, many companies are facing a huge crisis of survival, and the lack of awareness of industry innovation, product homogeneity serious, low marketing level, in the face of such dilemma, In addition to price cuts most businesses can do nothing.


However, lighting companies must also know that with the escalation of competition and upgrading of consumption, the original price model in China can no longer meet the requirements of the present stage. Consumers' fundamental needs are good products, high-quality products instead of blindly Low price.


Small and medium-sized lighting enterprises in the development process, often re-expand the scale of production, light innovation, light science and technology funding, blindly pursuing the amount of expansion to seize the market, do not pay attention to product development, the final result can only lead to repeated production of low-grade products. Low-end products, consumers do not pay a single product overcapacity, resulting in price wars aggravated, resulting in a substantial decline in corporate profits. Low prices, low quality, low cost, will destroy the competitiveness of enterprises.


To design superb that lighting companies to upgrade, from price war to value war, we must pay attention to product development, product innovation focus on design, to create truly "value for money" products. The moment, to meet the needs of consumers of products, to quickly occupy the market, thereby enhancing their product and brand strength.


However, many small and medium-sized lighting enterprises lack of independent innovation capability, coupled with its lack of understanding of industrial design, then, for companies want to do product innovation, how to pass the design management experience of first-line brand companies to save costs?


To design superb introduction, "to design" is to focus on industrial design services and industrial chain optimization B2B platform, the platform integrates the domestic and international front-line industrial design companies and industry-related resources for the manufacture of precision matching designers and the whole process Design project management, provide financial support, expert advice, supply chain resource matching and a series of services to solve SMEs in product innovation and transformation and upgrading process of the problem, to help SMEs create a new situation and enhance their competitiveness, is more than 30000 Manufacturing choice and trust.


In the "design" platform, "product partner system" mode of the early design fee positioning is 15,000 to 20,000 yuan, this section is the third and fourth line design company's price. However, small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises through the "to design" platform at this price is able to work with first-line design companies at home and abroad to develop new products, thanks to "to design" proposed innovation model "sales by sales model" by sharing economy Idea for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies and design companies to share innovative bonuses. In this mode, the latter part of the design fee is linked to product sales. In return, the design company can obtain 10% of the profit of designing the product for the small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. In return, the profits of the two parties are bundled together and the risk is shared, so as to stimulate the design company to design better works, So that the success rate of product development greatly enhance to help manufacturers improve the overall competitiveness of their products.


In this era of industrial escalation, consumer escalation, lighting companies must keep up with consumer upgrades, industrial upgrading trend, have a big future!

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