Chongqing: Open the door of smart city with smart city lighting management system

As Chongqing smart city lighting management system coverage gradually throughout the city area, a powerful smart city management cloud platform data acquisition and management system (hereinafter referred to as "platform") has begun to shape.

"People gathered in the city to live and stay in the city for a better life." Aristotle, a philosopher, summed up the meaning of urban existence in this famous saying. In recent years, Chongqing will take "be convenient for people "is known as the wisdom of urban construction as the theme of urban development, its intention is also here.

"Smart city construction can not shout slogans, followed by a lot of meticulous work needs a project to complete." Chongqing Municipal Commission of Information Technology is responsible for smart city construction experts told that Chongqing to create the idea of this platform is to rely on Throughout the city's street lamps, tunnel lights and other smart city lighting management system, the construction of a powerful city real-time data acquisition system, which helps to achieve the city from management to service, from governance to operations, from fragmented to the revolutionary synergy change.

So this platform is how to achieve Chongqing city data collection?

Project undertaken by one of the units, mainly responsible for Chongqing smart city lighting management system construction of overseas Chinese-owned enterprises - Chongqing Green Development Co., Ltd. Su Chengyong, senior engineer told that the latest smart city lighting management system put into use mainly by the "intelligent centralized controller" , "Smart terminal multi-color temperature anti-haze, brightness adjustable controller", "smart sensor", "multi-color temperature anti-haze, brightness remote intelligent remote LED lights all intelligent lights" and "intelligent software programming" and other sections.

Chongqing city has been put into use the wisdom of urban lighting system diagram

"At present, the installation of the latest Internet + multi-color anti-fog haze LED intelligent street lighting and management of the road section, the system can automatically collect timely weather visibility, temperature, fog and other data, and according to different seasons and temperature changes, automatically adjust Light color temperature and brightness. "Su Chengyong introduction, the system can meet the comfort and safety lighting requirements under different conditions, while greatly improving the power saving rate, effectively solve the tunnel lighting due to power-saving control circuit commonly used to turn off or turn off the lights Dark lighting caused by the way the region.

In addition, the system can also use the mobile APP to achieve remote intelligent control and management of highway tunnels, urban road lighting and other devices, the use of mobile Internet technology for on-line monitoring of lighting equipment, testing and debugging, etc., convenient, time-saving Heart, save trouble and effectively reduce lighting equipment maintenance and management costs.

"Lighting systems can also automatically detect, transmit, store and share data messages needed for smart city construction such as PM2.5, rain, temperature, traffic, and anti-theft video, after installing the appropriate equipment on the street light and other lighting systems. At the same time compatible with other remote intelligent control system functions. "Su Cheng Yong said.

According to the Chongqing Yu-Fu Expressway Co., Ltd. using the system introduced from November 2015 using Chongqing smart city lighting management system G50 Yu-Fu Tieshan Ping, Huashan tunnel point of view, energy-saving and safety have significantly improved . Data show that from January to March 2016, Huashan tunnel energy saving rate was 51.17%, Tianshanping tunnel energy saving rate was 52.48%, the incidence of traffic accidents in the tunnel lower than the pre-transformation 60%; to May 2016, G50 Yu Fu Highway Tieshan Ping, Huashan, Huangcao Hill, Tongzhai Walled, Temple Fort Tunnel also all achieved the multi-color temperature LED green lighting intelligent energy-saving technology innovation.

It is said that Chongqing smart city lighting management system network has been applied to G50 Chongqing Yu-Fu highway toll stations, service areas, Yunyang County Road lighting throughout the district, Yuzhong District Caiyuan Road street lighting, Yuan Jiagang pass under the tunnel, Eling Tunnels, tunnels under Chenjiaping, Shanku Han-Yu Road tunnel under the tunnel and so on more than one hundred; under construction G5013 Yu-Chengdu Expressway (Sichuan section) across the board toll booths, service areas, tunnel lighting, also use the system, With the popularization of the Internet and the coming of new functions in the future, the platform is also expected to provide more public services for the construction of smart cities in Chongqing and the whole country.

Article from China Semiconductor Lighting Network

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