Chiping 6,900 street lights can be "smart lighting"

At 3 pm on January 3, a new type of street lamp with a new way of control and maintenance appeared on the street in Chiping County South Ring Road. According to Master Zhang introduction, this street lamp not only can be controlled by the cell phone, but also can optimize the road lighting according to the traffic flow and each street lamp can be individually control.

"The intelligent street lamp system consists of a single-lamp controller, a centralized site controller, a communication network and a monitoring and dispatching center," said Luan Jian, project manager of the county. "Conventional street lights can not be precisely controlled, Turn off the lights, not only wasting electricity, shortening the life of the street lamp, but also pollute the neighboring residential buildings. Nowadays the intelligent system only needs one person's finger on the computer or the mobile phone to complete. "

Since September 2017, Chiping County has invested over 15 million yuan in energy-saving retrofit of street lamps for more than 6,900 street lamps in urban areas and installed intelligent control systems to realize intelligent dimming and single-lamp control functions. After the transformation can save electricity for each year 333.4 million KW. H, equivalent to saving 410.2 tons of standard coal, through the intelligent control system to implement the second energy-saving, the second energy-saving power is 33.4KW. H, equivalent to saving 41.02 tons of standard coal.

"In the past set and adjust the street lights are often busy for a day or two, and now through the GPRS and 3G network intelligent control of all lights, especially in the peak passenger flow at night, can be set to use the highest brightness; in the early hours, According to sections unreasonable set into a power-saving mode. "Du Liqiang, head of street lighting management said.

At present, the county street lamp energy-saving work has been basically completed, the staff is working overtime on the intelligent control system for final debugging, the next step will be intelligent transformation of the remaining lights to achieve "smart street light" covering the entire county.

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