China's smart street lamp project for the first time gets into the United States

Puerto Rican government officials said they will fully upgrade the lighting infrastructure in the country, and this project will utilize Heiner Tiancheng's patented technology and solutions and make reference to the "Shuangchuang Special Economic Zone" smart city model at Yujiapu in Binhai New Area of Tianjin .

Recently, government officials in Puerto Rico said they will fully upgrade their lighting infrastructure in China. This project will utilize Heiner's proprietary technology and solutions and reference to the smart city of Shuangchuang Special Zone in Yujiapu, Tianjin Binhai New Area Model to reduce energy consumption in cities, improve public administration and reduce crime rates in cities.

Puerto Rico covers an area of 9104 square kilometers with a population of 3.41 million (2016). It is located in the eastern part of the Lesser Antilles on the Caribbean Sea and is vulnerable to hurricanes. The lighting infrastructure was intelligently upgraded to U.S. financial allocations to rebuild the affected areas in Puerto Rico destroyed by the hurricane.

In September 2017, Heiner Tiancheng signed an agreement with US tower company to set up a joint venture in Puerto Rico to jointly open up the Americas market. Heiner Tiancheng will work together partners to continuously expand the international market.

Yesterday (China time on December 19), Heinatiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. held a project launch ceremony in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico in the United States, and officially announced the start-up of Chilean Heisei Smart City Technology Exhibition Center in Puerto Rico. Upon completion, the center will become No. 1 in North America China smart city technology applications. Dozens of elites from various political and business circles, including the Governor of Puerto Rico, Louis and his wife, attended the launching ceremony and press conference of the project.

At the launching ceremony, Chang Jinyu, chairman of Heiner Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd., said that with the initiative of the "Belt and Road Initiatives," Heiner Tiancheng has taken the initiative to "go global" and has actively participated in the international high-tech, commercial, financial and infrastructure construction fields Sexual exchange and cooperation. Puerto Rico - Heiner Tiancheng Smart City Technology Exhibition Center is North America's first smart city technology application projects in China, from this also Heiner Tiancheng expand the Americas market kicked off.

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