Chicago plans to convert 85% of the city's street lamps into smart LED lights

Chicago plans to replace 250,000 smart LED street lights with one of the nation's largest smart street plans. Ameresco, a renewable energy company, will collaborate with Silver Spring Networks, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, on this four-year infrastructure modernization program to convert approximately 85% of existing Chicago street lights into smart LED streetlights.

According to Smart Cities World, this multi-phase infrastructure modernization program will begin in summer 2017. The new LED street lamp is estimated to save 50-75% of the current street light.

Silver Spring's IPv6 platform enables remote control of switch street lights based on actual needs, remote monitoring for proactive maintenance, and speeding down of street lights.

At least half of the LED lights installed in the first year will be assembled at the Chicago plant and at least 50% of the projects will employ Chicago local people. Phase I will conduct a comprehensive survey of existing street lights in Chicago and at least half of this phase will employ graduates from vocational and technical training courses in Chicago public schools or apprentices for the more receptive courses.

Mike Bell, Silver Spring's chief executive, said Chicago's street-lamp renewal program will be one of the largest U.S. plans to date. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's commitment to improving living standards with the latest IoT technology is extremely encouraging and hopes to see this program laying the foundation for smart city adoption in the future.

Smart LED Street Lights will be owned and operated by the City of Chicago and are hosted by Silver Spring Networks hosting services and its Streetlight.Vision Control and Management System software.

The economic advantages and advantages of smart street lighting networks include assisting cities to prudently manage their resources and achieve sustainable development goals. Smart street lighting infrastructure will be integrated into the Chicago 311 system. The Chicago Public Works Facility (CIT) will work closely with the Chicago Department of Transportation, Innovation and Technology, and Chicago Parks in this procurement program.

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