British "super smart" street lights monitor PM2.5

A few days ago, British “Essex” and Hertfordshire County installed a “super smart” luminaire that can be used to monitor the environment.

In addition to the lighting features, other features of these luminaires include:

1. Looking for blocked street drains and even predicting the occurrence of flooding

2. When the wind is strong, immediately remind the highway staff and predict dangerous driving conditions

3. Measure traffic flow and reduce unnecessary streetlight lighting on empty roads

4. Monitor whether the bin is full

5. Detect air quality and provide street conditions

The project was developed by the local government in collaboration with the Cambridge technology company Telensa and will assess the potential quality of life and economic profits resulting from a range of smart city technologies.

Cllr Ian Grundy, member of the Cabinet of the Essex County Council responsible for the expressway, said: “I am excited about the technology used in this project to provide more convenience to the residents.” “At present, the road problems in Essex County (such as blocked water channels), we used to be Rely on inspections and residents' datas."

"The potential of remote monitoring not only saves taxpayers money, but also increases our response time and resolves problems before they become larger."

“Last summer, we installed smart street lights in the UK for the first time. These lights can monitor pollution, generate Wi-Fi hotspots, and even guide unmanned cars in the future.”

Hertfordshire County Council’s Expressway Executive Ralph Sangster said: “We have replaced approximately 65,000 street lights with LEDs and replaced the remaining about 50,000 with LEDs by March 2020. These LEDs consist of a wireless central The management system (CMS) controls the detection of the fault light. Therefore, many errors will be resolved before they are noticed. The LED not only uses less energy than conventional lighting, but also emits less carbon dioxide."

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